If life is kind, probably the most we can expect to leave behind are a loving family, faithful friends, respectful co-workers, sweet memories, and a few dollars. It’s a lot.
For Bill Frack, life has been very kind in many ways. A quiet man, he parlayed his investments into a life savings of more than $20 million and climbing.
But he will leave behind so much more than he has.
Frack, 79, recently signed the last document to pass on his savings to others. Much will go to one of his passions, men’s basketball at Bowling Green State University.
Of course, a lot of guys have sports passions. But, only a rare one like Bill buys a seat on hard bleachers for six decades to cheer on a university he never attended and young players who probably could never understand his love of the game, if they thought about it at all.
They named the handsome basketball court at BGSU’s new Stroh Center after Bill three years ago when he came out of the stands with a $10 million donation. Then, with his investments continuing upward, Bill thought about his other passion, people in his community.
In a poignant few minutes Wednesday, he said he will leave much more, millions still, to the Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation.
Here is where we all come in.
Bill directed the foundation to cultivate his considerable seed money to someday help Hancock County’s homeless and victims of domestic violence.
“These are two areas I thought I could do some good,” he said. “It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.”
So, soon, some poor man or some frightened woman, or vice versa, will literally see and feel the goodness of Bill Frack by what he left us. And they will be better for it.
For them, we thank you, sir. It’s your victory in the game of life, played as a champion before and after the final buzzer.