Hancock County is fortunate to have a relatively low violent crime rate. Yes, murders happen here, but they are rare and, more times than not, are solved.
When one isn’t, though, the mystery creates a wound that never really heals for the victim’s family and friends or for the community. Even if we don’t personally know a victim of a serious crime, we all lose some peace of mind when a case goes unsolved.
Findlay’s second homicide of the year will be two weeks old Saturday, but a Findlay Police Department investigation already appears to be bogging down.
Brian A. McQuistion, 42, was found shot to death in his East Foulke Avenue apartment after a friend stopped to see him at about 8 p.m. Nov. 25. Police don’t know exactly when McQuistion was shot.
While detectives have interviewed numerous people, no persons of interest have developed to the point where they are considered suspects. The case may not yet be cold, but it appears to be cooling.
No two homicides are alike. The circumstances are different here, too, but we hope the McQuistion murder doesn’t end up like several others on Hancock County’s “Top Unsolved Cases” list, like the Oct. 29, 2000, death of Robert L. Hamilton on Hillstone Drive; the Aug. 20, 1998, death of James Thallman on Blue Bonnet Drive; or the Sept. 6, 1996, death of Linda Bissell on Findlay Street.
Hamilton, Thallman and Bissell were each shot by intruders who have never been identified.
Police are asking for the community’s assistance to solve McQuistion’s murder. We hope someone responds.
Obviously, someone knows more than what those questioned so far have told police. The killer may have acted alone, but someone knows him or her, saw them going to or coming from the murder scene, or has heard others talking about what happened.
Someone may think what they know is insignificant and hasn’t reported it. But police can sometimes take one seemingly innocuous piece of information and tie it to another to create a new lead. One good tip could be enough to ratchet up an investigation that has gone quiet.
We encourage someone to speak up either directly to police (419-424-7150) or anonymously through Crime Stoppers (419-425-8477).
Family and friends of Brian McQuistion deserve justice. The public also needs to know his killer isn’t out there among us. Let’s not allow this case to linger. Someone, please, help police solve it.