DOWN: Eighteen-wheelers and bump outs, those curb extensions designed to give our downtown a more modern look, don’t always mix well. Findlay planners incorporated bump outs throughout the downtown last year as part of a major renovation project and most of them seem to be surviving big trucks, which now have less room to maneuver on some turns. However, several locations seem to be taking a serious beating. One, shown below, at the southeast corner of Main Street and West Main Cross, has required city crews to do some landscaping there several times after trucks have had to cut the corner to make the turn onto South Main from the curb lane on Main Cross. On Wednesday, the mulch and sod were compacted and copper irrigation tubing was exposed. A pedestrian sign on a utility pole at the same location was out of alignment with the crosswalk after it was apparently bumped by a vehicle. The southeastern corner of Main and Center street, meanwhile, creates a similar challenge for northbound trucks turning east due to a bump out. It, too, requires regular attention and is unsightly when ignored. It’s hard to imagine the problems won’t continue year round without some sort of fix. As long as big trucks must navigate downtown, maybe the city should forego grass and shrubs at some bump out locations and fill them in with concrete instead of dirt. Here’s another thought: Maybe some should go.