UP: Many people who smoke cigarettes today picked up the habit as teenagers or when they went to college. That’s why we have to applaud the University of Findlay for becoming tobacco-free, campuswide, beginning Aug. 1. The university will prohibit the use of all products that contain nicotine, including those used for vaping, and devices used to consume nicotine. The policy update was developed by the Tobacco-Free Steering Committee, which was formed in September in response to the university receiving a $15,500 grant from the American Cancer Society’s Tobacco-Free Generation Campus Initiative. We can’t imagine a better use of the grant.

UP: We’re just guessing, but we have to believe beer sales increase in the summer months. That means tons of empty bottles are heading to the Hancock County landfill. With that in mind, we’re thrilled to hear there are some preliminary discussions going on between Litter Landing and a company interested in recycling our glass. Cheers to that! Litter Landing stopped accepting glass containers last year after the market price for it dropped and processing costs rose. That meant residents and businesses had to find other ways to dispose of glass, which meant most bottles ended up in the landfill. The county will do well to break even on recycling efforts, but money shouldn’t be the only consideration. From an environmental standpoint, all forms of recycling should be pursued if only to slow future landfill expansion.

UP AND DOWN: It may take a little time for some people to warm up to those colorful, but somewhat gaudy, somewhat distracting lights shining on the trees on Main Street in downtown Findlay. It took some a while to adjust to reverse-angle parking, too, so we’ll reserve judgment for now. The city’s programmable light show has a lot of possibilities, though. Like patriotic red, white and blue, perhaps, for the summer holidays, orange for Halloween, red for Valentine’s Day, and of course lots of green for St. Patrick’s Day. Will there be pink for the Komen walk? And what about rainbows? Check out downtown after dark and let us know what you think.