UP: Here’s to freedom of the press — enshrined within the First Amendment — but sometimes under attack. Neither crazies with guns, nor a few incompetent newsroom types, nor misguided politicians can stop this democratically essential, constitutionally protected element of our country from enabling informed decision making.

UP: The Backyard Mission Trip and Days of Caring may be the largest, but they aren’t the only communitywide annual service events for helping people in need with small property improvement and cleanup projects. The University of Findlay’s Office of Service and Community Engagement is now seeking local service projects for student volunteers to complete during the 16th annual Orientation Service Day on Aug. 18. Each year, the event provides new students with opportunities to help throughout the community. Nonprofits can submit projects for consideration by Monday, July 9 at bit.ly/osprequest.

UP: If you’ve lived in Findlay any length of time, you may know Dick McStraw, even if you don’t know him. He became a recognizable fixture in downtown Findlay while working as a massage therapist for 57 years, initially for 21 years at the YMCA’s health club, and later at his own practice on Crawford Street. McStraw, 80, who retired last week, lost his eyesight in an accident at 11 but managed to navigate busy city streets with the aid of his guide dogs over the years. Along the way, he gave more than 74,000 massages and saw the popularity of massage therapy grow dramatically in Hancock County. Thanks, Dick, for making so many people feel better and the community a better place. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement!

UP: The recent heat wave has strained air conditioners and the tolerance of some who don’t have climate-control devices in their homes or at work. So here’s to 50 North and all the other cool places that offer a little respite from the heat by opening their doors to serve as “cooling stations.” That’s a public service!