UP: It’s been seven years since the fire at the Argyle, but the gaping hole that resulted on the west side of South Main Street between the Wine Merchant and the former location of Rieck’s Gallery could finally close, if a developer’s plans to build a combination retail, apartment and parking building continue to move forward. While the project had been rumored for months, on Thursday it went public when it was announced a developer with Findlay roots wants to acquire the space and a city-owned parking lot behind it, and invest $31 million in the project (See today’s front page). While details remain to be worked out and the proposed six-story building won’t rise up anytime soon (the heavy equipment may not even arrive until next year), the news is yet another reason for excitement for Findlay and downtown. It comes several years after the nearby $100 million-plus investment by Marathon Petroleum Corp., which included the MPLX office building and the Hancock Hotel. We anxiously await more information, but we’re glad to learn the open space will be put to better use.

UP: Now that spring has arrived, motorcycles and bikes are coming out of the garage. Most cyclists understand the risks they take by sharing the streets with cars and trucks and ride accordingly, but two-wheelers will almost always come out on the short end of a collision. Cyclists aren’t always at fault when a accident occurs, and all drivers must up their awareness level now that cyclists are back in the traffic mix. Last weekend saw at least three motorcycle accidents in this area alone, and one crash was a fatality. Let’s do more than just hope it is the last one in this area this year, let’s all pay more attention.

UP: One way or the other, every registered voter should take part in the upcoming May 7 primary election. Important races in Findlay are being contested for mayor and City Council seats, and a countywide renewal levy is up for consideration for Blanchard Valley School. There are also a handful of school districts with tax matters on the ballot. While it’s too late now to register to vote on May 7 (the deadline was Monday), early voting opportunities have begun for those who are registered. Information on early voting hours, absentee ballots, and what’s on the ballot can be found at www.hancockboardofelections.com, by stopping at the board office, 201 E. Lincoln St., or by calling 419-422-3245.