We don’t blame former Findlay Mayor Lydia Mihalik, now the director of the Ohio Development Services Agency, for raising a little stink this week about an Indiana company she discovered marketing an unscented Ohio candle with the description: “Not much to see. Not much to do.” After all, to even suggest Ohio is odorless is a low blow and flat out inaccurate. Ohio does smell — sometimes good, sometimes bad. We have to wonder if Mihalik’s call out will provoke an odor war between the two states. Will some Ohio candle maker now retaliate with a disparaging scent from the Hoosier State? So far, Mihalik has taken the high road, suggesting more appropriate Ohio candle scents like summer breezes at Marblehead, wild hyacinth at Hocking Hills State Park, or Stadium Mustard at Cleveland’s Progressive Field. Some social media commenters, though, went negative, suggesting candle “flavors” closer to home; scents like the one once associated with the former Centrex plant, the too occasional stench from nearby Sunny Farms landfill, or worse yet, the familiar smell of a Findlay flood. Let’s hope this border battle never comes to that!

There’s finally good news for those who walk on Main Street in downtown Findlay. Just in time for summer, the lights at mid-block crosswalks are now reported to be working again. The blinking lights in the pavement activated by pedestrians when they plan to cross Main Street, had not been consistently operating since they were installed during downtown renovations several years ago. That meant walkers had to either take a risk when crossing mid-block or else walk on to the nearest lighted intersection. Lights or no lights, pedestrians can never throw caution to the wind. But now, if motorists will abide by downtown’s 25 mph speed limit, it should be safer for all.