It’s safe to say wherever one goes to vote in Hancock County today, the ballot won’t be as overwhelming as next year.

But even if there’s only one issue or contested race on your county, city, village, township or school district ballot, it’s still important to take part in the process.

As in most other places, there are more non-contested races in Findlay than contested ones, but residents will pick the next mayor and three at-large council members. That’s four significant reasons to visit your polling place.

Meanwhile, if one lives in the Van Buren, Riverdale, Liberty-Benton, Arcadia, Cory-Rawson, or Vanlue school districts, there’s either a tax issue or contested school board seat, or both, to be decided. A big turnout would be a good civics lesson for students.

Elsewhere, voters will pick reps for village council posts in Arcadia, Mount Blanchard and Vanlue, and Blanchard and Delaware township residents will help fill positions, too.

Add in a new tax for Ada Public Library, a replacement levy in Jenera, tax renewals in Mount Blanchard and for the Forest-Jackson Public Library, and a replacement levy in the Appleseed Joint Ambulance District, and just about everyone in Hancock County has at least one reason to vote. That’s enough.

Of surrounding counties, Allen, Hardin and Wyandot have countywide issues. Putnam has two. Certainly, no registered voter in any of those places would take a pass on today’s election, would they?

Arguments and excuses will always be made for not voting — but they’re never good ones.

Every vote does matter. During off-year elections, like this one, when fewer voters participate, every vote has the potential to be the difference. The winners and losers can be determined as much by those who vote, as by those who don’t.

If you didn’t vote early, take time today. It won’t take long and the effort speaks volumes about you.