UP: University students work with seniors to draw out memories. The Mazza Museum is home to a new exhibit of paintings created by individuals with memory challenges. One picture shows a sewing machine; its artist had been a seamstress. Another picture features three mountains, three trees and three tents; a set of each for each of the painter’s three daughters.

UP: Fostoria opens a new school building. Students stepped into a new era Monday morning as they entered the doors of the new Fostoria Junior/Senior High School building. As the sun began to rise, students and staff began to arrive for the first day back to school after holiday break. They were greeted by a shining FCS logo, lit up by multiple lights and showcased through large windows at the entrance of the new building. “It’s an exciting day for Fostoria Junior/Senior High School,” Principal Drew Bauman said Monday.

UP: Resource center is a “Haven” for picture book lovers. University’s lending library houses 7,000 volumes. Mary Miller wishes more people knew about the Havens Resource Center. Located in the Virginia B. Gardner Fine Arts Pavilion at the University of Findlay, just down the hall from the Mazza Museum, the center contains picture books by Mazza authors and artists, reference materials and story kits.

UP: “You’ve got to be kind to one another in this world.” Erin Gillespie wants to do her part to make the world a better place, so she’s introducing a new Teen Kindness Club at the Findlay-Hancock County Public Library. Once a month, youth in grades six through 12 will have the opportunity to get together for two hours and volunteer. According to Gillespie, the library’s teen associate, they may be dusting shelves and rearranging book displays or making greeting cards for nursing home residents.