Dear Rep. Robert Latta,
I had the privilege of shaking your father’s hand at my graduation ceremony at Elmwood High School in 1965. He thanked me for enlisting in the Marine Corps, “especially knowing you are going to Vietnam, to fight for freedom and liberty firsthand.”
I told him I was just following in my Grandfather Edelman’s footsteps. He was a Marine in WW1, left an E-8.
Please review www.thetopcatplan.com. It is the only plan of its kind, fairest to all 50 states and seven provinces, and absolutely the only to launch the hydrogen economy and the hemp industry. Go to the category “Energy” to get 17 divisions of green products and services.
Forty years ago I knew I would run a truly clean fuel in all my engines. Hydrogen and hemp fuel are the answers, Robert.
Steve Oman has invited me to attend a meeting with you and his friends this week, on the subject of flooding. Every household and farm must keep the downspout water on their property. Is that so hard? Every time it puts down one inch of rain that gives me 600 gallons of good water.
I will be like a church mouse at this upcoming gathering.
But I have one question for you and your people. When will we be able to grow hemp again, like Canada and 30 other countries?
If you and your staff can come up with the answer to that question, I would like for you to tell everyone at the meeting the answer at the very end of flood discussions.
The farmers are the key to so many good things to come. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson would be proud of us.
Bringing in the hemp industry and the hydrogen economy will serve us many ways.
One of the end results will be that we will begin getting our freedom and liberty back. That is something we lost when the war on drugs began.
I look forward to listening to you and everybody there, and truly look forward to shaking your hand.
Terry Cook

My family and I would like to send a “thank you” to the person who paid off our Christmas layaway at the Findlay Walmart.
Times are tough in our one-income household and we were wondering how we were going to pay off our layaway that was due for pick-up this weekend and pay bills.
To our surprise Walmart nofified us our balance due was only one cent. Someone paid the layaway off!
Our eyes filled up with tears. Whoever our secret Santa is — we appreciate it and reminded us Christmas is a time for miracles.
May God bless you and know your kindness is appreciated.
Marissa Epley, John, Makenna, and Ian Etzinger