As I have attempted to let all the recent digital service-changes sink in with The Courier, I have to admit that I totally miss the anonymous virtual comments section that I used to frequent.
It was the juiciest heated forum that allowed free speech, to an extent (as the letters were per-approved by Courier moderators) in Findlay.
It was the site I went to after reading my paper copy to see how the citizens really felt about a topic. Hiding behind anonymity inspired many secrets to be revealed. I learned about local political discourse, I found out about hidden agendas, I read about the powers that be, who make the decisions behind closed doors.
Inquiring minds want to know! Of course, as a reader, I knew to always consider the sources, and to realize that some opinions were just that, and not true fact. But, it was ever so fun to read.
I realize that some will say only cowards hide behind anonymity, but there certainly was lively conversation prior to the recent changes. Now that signatures are required, rarely are comments posted. Sometimes, silence is not golden in a community.
Cathy M. Weygandt

It is time Ohio Gov. Kasich and Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine take court action against the pipelines and oil companies responsible for the short supply of LP gas.
The attorney general should take these companies to court to force them to switch the valves necessary to restore the flow of LP gas. How hard is this, anyway? Did they not just switch valves in the first place?
Any customer who needs space heaters because of this manmade shortage should be able to bill the companies responsible for creating the shortage in the first place.
The same applies to every governor and attorney general of the states where this crisis exists.
How stupid are our elected leaders, anyway? Just another gimmick to force up prices, right? This is now life endangerment.
David L. Buess

There are so many things inherently wrong going on in America today, and this propane crisis is just another in the long line of screwups that doesn’t make sense.
How could we export seven times the normal amount of propane this year without taking care of American citizens first? Who is to blame for this?
Should we ask the Army Corps of Engineers and wait seven years for an answer? What can we do now? I think most Americans feel helpless and really don’t know what to do, but let’s look at this closely, get upset and then do something about it!
We are sending propane to China in record amounts. China? A country that owns most of our out-of-control debt and will not back us on the international front gets more of our resources than our own citizens. Not right!
We are sending record amounts of propane to the Middle East, to countries that hate us, kill our ambassadors, demonstrate against us and slaughter Christians. Not right!
The entire face of our country is changing right before our eyes and we care more about Justin Bieber than we do about learning what the issues are and doing something about it. This propane issue is just the tip of the iceberg.
What’s it going to take to wake up America? The Democrats and Republicans are conniving and colluding on the issues and making decisions together to ensure they stay in office, instead of doing what’s right for their constituents. Two examples: Boehner and Reid conspired behind closed doors to allow Congress to opt out of Obamacare. Both parties conspired to pass this $1.1 trillion spending fiasco filled with pork and bad news for American citizens and didn’t even read the 1,300-page bill!
Wake up.
There is a third party taking much abuse that actually stands up for the Constitution and citizens’ rights called the tea party. Do your research and vote for some real change in the next election. You could be warmer next winter, have more money in your pocket, and begin to feel proud of your country again.
Bruce Boguski