The Cryptoquote on Jan. 20 was, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter,” by Martin Luther King.
The recent full-page ad and front page stories about pro-choice opponents prompt me to write. The following is a tough paradigm shift in thinking, but must be done if we hope to preserve the earth.
To declare that human physical life is sacred is to think like a cancer cell. That is what the human species has become — a cancer in the earth.
“Population Bomb,” written by Paul R. Ehrlich in 1968, warned of cataclysmic results of unfettered reproduction. And 45 years later, Sir David Attenborough warned, “We are a plague on the Earth. It’s coming home to roost over the next 50 years or so.”
We tout ourselves as the only intelligent species, but we willfully devour our host planet. Human population now increases exponentially and has reached 7-plus billion. Thirty percent of the earth is devoted to human existence. This includes housing, factory farms, food and consumer production, roadways, airports, and entertainment venues like stadiums, golf courses, and entire cities like Vegas and Branson.
Think how much land does not absorb water naturally (adding to flooding, by the way), and how much of the atmosphere is polluted by millions of tons of jet exhaust each year, damaging the ozone layer and creating false clouds that contribute to climate change.
To heal the cancer of human overpopulation, birth control should be available free to anyone who wants it.
We play God when making herculean efforts to keep vastly compromised human bodies alive. Let those poor bodies go!
“A Mighty Fortress” includes the words, “Let goods and kindred go, this mortal life also, the body may be killed, God’s truth abideth still, his kingdom is forever.”
Our souls are forever; our bodies were never meant to be.
If we are intelligent, then for Earth’s sake we must control human population. We are on the same destructive course as the Easter Islanders, but on a global scale.
Naomi Cherry

People recoil at the mention of the Nazi death camps of World War II, but few know of the program that paved the way.
Prior to the war, Adolf Hitler secretly authorized a program of “genocide through euthanasia,” the “T-4 Program.”
Government-appointed health care “experts” decided what was “effective” care with “cost-effectiveness” foremost in mind, ruling out “inappropriate” treatments.
(If that sounds familiar, it should. For the proposals currently found in “The Affordable Care Act” follow them in virtual lockstep.)
With the stroke of a pen, millions were consigned to death and the program then expanded to include “undesirables.” The killing proceeded with the utmost cost-effectiveness and professionalism (Google: Nazi T-4 program).
Americans, however, ignore the number of lives deemed “unworthy” that are ended each year with their tax dollars. Go to abortionclock.org and see for yourself.
Wasn’t cyanide gas in 1939 more humane than partial-birth abortions today?
Why are people referred to as “units” in the Affordable Care Act? To dehumanize us to those with “lives unworthy to be lived,” i.e., those at the “end of life,” or not able to be “effectively rehabilitated?”
Remember Dr. Kervorkian, who assisted some 130 voluntary suicides in the ’90s? Jack died in 2011 at age 83, having spent eight years in prison convicted of second-degree murder.
He was just ahead of his time! How fortunate that today we are “enlightened” and “progressive.” We will never have to make that “end of life” decision. Under Obamacare, it will be made for us.
“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a look at the American Indian.” — Henry Ford
David F. Heimrick

About the state’s execution policy: It is hard to imagine what evil brings a man to rape a pregnant woman or set an elderly man on fire.
Yet two men have been found guilty of these brutal crimes. Is it hate, revenge or anger? Whatever, it sure is ugly.
Do we think killing those guilty of these brutal horrors in a cruel manner will resolve anything? If we do so, we are pretending that hate and anger are justice.
This looks like revenge to me. And then evil wins.
Diane Hohman

On the back page of the Jan. 21 Courier, I see that they are trying to lasso a comet to the tune of $300 billion.
On the page of another earlier paper, I see they cut $80 billion in food stamps.
The only space these people need to explore is the empty space between their ears.
Burl Greer