Bruce Boguski (letter, Jan. 28) made several good points. But in ending his letter by stating “you might begin to feel proud of your country again,” he says a lot about this country.
Congress passed the Ryan/Murray budget at the expense of the American people. They chose to take care of illegal aliens at the expense of our military men and women.
They have failed the American people by failing to create an environment to allow for job creation, and spending their time bickering like children and trying to protect their own job at the expense of the person across the aisle and the country!
Trust me, there is enough blame for both parties to share!
We have young men and women fighting and dying in foreign lands. Vets are seeing their benefits cut, their pensions under attack, and chronic unemployment.
All of this overseen by a dysfunctional federal government. Yes, there may be a lot of things wrong in America today. And while I may not trust my government and I might be ashamed of my government, I have never been ashamed of my country!
Robb Webb
Upper Sandusky

The Jan. 22 article in The Courier about the Jan. 21 Findlay City Council meeting contained some errors.
I read my letter to the editor (Readers’ Views, Jan. 21) at the meeting. There was no reference in my letter to the 9-12 project.
I was not interviewed and didn’t give any statement other than my letter.
The article’s author inexplicably, falsely stated the group was against conservation.
Everyone deserves to read accurate reporting, not someone’s interpretation of events.
Susan A. Thompson

I found Naomi Cherry’s letter (Jan. 29) to be the most disturbing letter I have ever read in The Courier. Her comment “we must control human population” is particularly concerning.
It sounds to me like she is the one who wants to play God.
The only line in her letter I agree with is “our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter,” which was made by a man who valued life.
Human life, from conception to death, matters.
Madelyn Kendrick

Would Michael Stone (letter, Jan. 20) be interested in commenting on the history book, “World History,” published by Prentice Hall and used widely in schools across America, in which there is a 36-page chapter teaching our children how to become Muslims, but using seven pages to mention Christianity only in degrading insults and derision?
Glenn Coats
rural Findlay