February! Love! Hearts and candy! That is what it’s supposed to be. But something is wrong.
The ones too many folks love and worship are themselves! We are living in a Krazee Whirled. The older I get, the krazier the world gets.
In the Jan. 23 Courier, there was an article about two lesbians who wanted to become parents. They advertised on Craigslist for a sperm donor. They got one. A child was born.
Now, they are suing the sperm donor for child support. OK. They cut out the middle man (the doctor) for the proper procedure and the donation was made on a personal level. The lady judge ruled in favor of the mother. According to Kansas law, he has to pay.
Then, in the Jan. 29 Courier, I discovered that I am part of a huge cancer that needs to be gotten rid of. I worked that cryptoquote by Dr. King, and got a whole different take on it. I really don’t think, if he was here, that he would appreciate what was said in the letter.
America and the rest of the world is suffering from a cancer, to be sure. But that cancer is not “too many people.”
That cancer is sin. The sin of wanting to be their own little gods, the sin of wanting to do things their way, no matter what the rule book says. Stop signs are there for a purpose. Speed limits are set for a purpose. Buckle-up signs are there for a purpose. How many obey those signs all the time?
There are rules and regulations to be followed if you belong to a club, or go to school or work, or dare I say it, if you are a Christian. The Bible is God’s rule book. Or guide book. It will tell you what you need to know.
It isn’t “too many people” that is the cancer, but what those people choose to do with the freedoms that were given to them by God. Choose to live any way you will. But be ready to “pay the piper.”
Barbara J. Rice

If Courier readers ever had doubts of the non-effectiveness of government programs, they need to read two articles on the last page of Friday’s newspaper.
Is anyone else upset that Jobs and Family Services spends $66 million for a jobs program that puts 257 people in jobs, three-fourths of which were for less than $10 per hour, and only five of the 257 were still employed after 90 days?
Granted, they probably have not spent all $66 million yet, but with the early track record, they may want to re-evaluate this program and save some taxpayer money.
If they did spend all the money for basically five jobs, I give up.
The second article reports the rampant abuse of painkillers given out by Ohio Workers Comp.
It took that agency $188 million and five years to realize there was a problem. Bureaucracy at its finest!
Last year, they spent $38.2 million for almost 360,000 prescriptions for painkillers going to 39,028 people. That’s a little over nine prescriptions per person.
I am glad Workers Comp has finally identified a problem, but they should have seen it long before $188 million was spent.
Both of these articles place a lot of credence in the idea that governments, their bureaucracies and programs are out of control.
They spend a lot of money with poor results.
Jack Cramer

The Jan. 25 story on the bottom of the front page of The Courier by Josh Funk of the Associated Press was stupid to refer to natural gas as being a clean fuel. The exhaust of natural gas fueling an internal combustion engine puts out 20 times more greenhouse gases. It is a dirty rotten trash fuel that threatens the drinking water of all states allowing fracking.
But because they say “it’s safe,” we must go on as the world’s biggest dummies, allowing this earth-destroying practice to happen because of a few temporary jobs.
When I get the funding for the, I will have hemp char-coalizing stations every 10 miles on the tracks that lead to the ex-coal burning electrical power plants, along with hemp locomotive fuel with hydrogen to make for the most powerful and truly clean green fuel at $3 a gallon for the next 10 years.
Hemp and hydrogen will serve to replace all fossil fuel use within five years. If the plan never materializes, our future is doomed to a downward spiral.
I believe it will come about because most people now know that the rulers played us as fools for too long. Hemp will be legal to grow in all 50 states and within 10 months, investors will be pulling out of fossil fuel to go green. When that occurs, the original and only Brother Choppers will become the best and surest investment because of many reasons. The fact that nobody makes more than $250,000 a year off of us, except the farmers selling us their hemp for 50,000 products to be made, at least 20 million good green jobs, and hemp and hydrogen are our only hope for the future of mankind.
Pete Carroll is the first NFL coach that has gone public with his opinion that football payers should be able to smoke or eat marijuana and hash. I predict all coaches will follow suit within one year.
Hemp is now reported to be legal to grow in Ohio. Where are the seeds, ag department?
Terry Cook

I want to acknowledge the great and caring neighbors that I have for cleaning the snow and ice from my driveway and sidewalks. My health issues prevent me from doing much. There are kind and caring people around. May the lord bless them!
J. Benjamin