In the 1980s, laws were put into place nationwide to protect women and children from abusive relationships. However, now the laws that once were instituted for the purpose of protecting women and children from abuse have morphed into a giant loophole to allow fraud and gross abuse of power.
These laws made no provisions for men or fathers who have been victimized by domestic violence. Domestic violence against men has been largely ignored and has radically increased.
Case in point, the murder of Travis Alexander by his ex-girifriend, Jodi Arias. This loophole has allowed vindictive women to use protective orders as a means to falsely report their children’s father accusing them of some form of domestic violence and/or falsely report allegations of sexual abuse.
Every day there are good fathers who work hard and sacrifice for their children, yet they are experiencing one of the most tragic and heartbreaking injustices of our time.
The mother’s hatred for the child’s father is far more powerful than the love for their children. This hatred is spiraling out of control in our family courts and thousands of men in our state and hundreds of thousands nationwide are being brought up against false allegations of abuse and losing their children. Family courts are overburdened and women are hell-bent on making sure the father of their children never have a relationship with their kids. That in itself is child abuse of the most tragic form.
Even more tragically, the court system is helping this to happen. We will soon be a nation of fatherless children. Closing off avenues of love and support available to a child from their father and his family is cruel and selfish.
Plain and simple, these mothers alienate and kidnap the child and steals the child’s soul. The bottom line is one parent has no reason they can justify ending a child’s contact with the other parent.
Please tell me, who really has the best interest of the children in mind?
James E. Goshe