What a beautiful sight to see, an $80 million improvement project in the works to take up a city block!
But why do we see a drawing of a Flintstone-era complex? Not a green roof anywhere, or plans to have a rainwater containment system. I guess that it’s not surprising.
That would be taking a responsible and positive step to do their part in reducing flooding, something no other business in this town has ever done. So why should they be the first?
Modern buildings being built these days should include a green roof and it only makes sense to be able to use all downspout water for every purpose.
A green roof also uses the power of the sun and wind to make electricity and hydrogen to heat the buildings and sidewalks and to fuel motor vehicles.
Why should Marathon be first? Because most people believe Marathon is made up of very intelligent minds.
They have no excuse to do otherwise unless they are concerned that people seeing a fossil fuel company going green might send the message to start pulling stocks out of fossil oil products and to go green with hemp, 50,000 hemp products, fuel, and hydrogen.
I told Marathon years ago they have the chance to go from 250th in fossil to No. 1 in hemp fuel, oil, and anything else with no limits.
So, shine me on and go down with the barge, if you think that is the choice of intelligent minds.
Terry Cook

I’m addicted to not only donuts, but Monday morning ideas on what the coach should have done to win the game on Saturday. A good source for these ideas and more is the Fort Findlay donut shop each morning.
Thursday morning, I learned from The Courier that (city) inmates are going to be charged more for their room and board at the county jail.
One of the patrons at the donut shop, Al Bray, said that with the rising costs of jail, one can hardly afford to go to jail anymore.
The reasoning behind the increase is that costs have not been raised in 20-some years, which sounds similar to the minimum wage not being raised for decades. It’s getting so that folks can hardly afford to work or go to jail.
The folks who can afford jail the most are the 1 percent, but they can also best afford a lawyer to keep them out of jail. Most middle-class folks, it seems, are the best candidates for our jails. They are able to afford the costs of jail, at least for awhile, but not the unaffordable fees of most lawyers.
The donuts at Fort Findlay, incidentally, are world class, along with the help. They have a bow tie donut which is like getting three donuts in one, for a little more than the price of one. A side benefit is that eating 3-for-1 donuts increases the donut-eating productivity of those now buying one donut for the cost of three.
To follow through with this idea, it’s best to check with an underweight doctor, or to take some cider vinegar along with the donuts, which helps to metabolize the carbohydrates.
Tom Murphy