I want to comment on America “going Chinese” (Page A1, June 28), because I think it’s all too true.
They’re not a stupid culture and they’ve been studying us for years to know how to come in and gradually take over. But that’s a whole other issue.
For now I’m focusing on “Cedar Creek expanding to Findlay” (Page A6, June 28).
For those of you unfamiliar with the term “seeker-friendly” church, it is one that caters to the appetites of the people and not necessarily to pleasing God. It’s a family-friendly social gathering complete with live entertainment, with usually an emphasis on this aspect.
The true church is to be a house of worship for the creator with the members sharing their spiritual gifts to “build up” one another unto maturity in the knowledge and faith of Jesus Christ.
Serving the community, sharing the Gospel with others is a byproduct of that unity and community, but not the first cause.
Anyone can help build a house or volunteer at the local City Mission, and being a Christian is not a requirement. However, to relate him to the world requires intimate knowledge of him.
My question is, do people want Christ or do they want to be entertained?
These two things look very different.
One requires nothing in the way of sacrifice. The other (Christ) requires everything. Jesus gave his life. He expects his followers to be willing to do the same.
I want to quote a few lines from the article that will betray its true purpose. “Services are casual and feature a band playing high-energy music. We try to find relevant contemporary pop rock. It could be from a contemporary Christian band or a secular band that we think the lyrics fit the message.”
Is this worship or is it actually idolatry? The world needs Jesus, not more of itself.
I strongly question the statistics in the story that 65 percent of Findlay is unchurched.
Perhaps it’s so, but we don’t need any place that makes people even more comfortable with themselves. Hell is not a comfortable place, and some of us care enough to want to help keep people out of it.
My purpose is not to church-bash, but to enlighten people to some things that are becoming increasingly deceptive.
Deborah Peterson

A Dalzell Ditch cleanup project, again?
Why is this needed for residences outside of the Findlay corporation limits, especially in the Westmoor area (the northwestern corner of Findlay), where we have city water, storm and sanitary sewer, and we pay extra for that privilege?
The original land developer had to pay fees to have these utilities installed.
Someone needs to review past and present Hancock Soil and Water Conservation District maps of drainage and maintained tile systems.
How far does the Dalzell watershed extend to the north? Does it go to McComb? Why aren’t they being charged this assessment? Does this watershed include residences and businesses in Liberty, Allen and Portage townships as well? I hope they share the cost of the project, too, since they will see an improvement in surface drainage as claimed by the commissioners.
This project was discussed prior to and after the 2007-2008 floods at the Liberty Township level and then discussed at a meeting at the Cube. It was voted down by the county commissioners 2-1 and one of those commissioners is still on the board, I believe.
All Hancock County citizens pay Blanchard River flood tax, license plates tax, gasoline tax and other land fees to cover future and planned expenses, so why aren’t these funds being used to do this work, which could cost $750,000?
Shouldn’t the Dalzell Ditch project be decided by Hancock County citizens, rather than the commissioners, since the cost would come from citizens and affected businesses?
What do you think about the Dalzell Ditch project now? Does it require more investigation before assessing homeowners in Hancock County and businesses with this cost?
Ken Bahler

In response to Boy Scout Damon Dotson (letter, June 30), I am proud to say I was a Boy Scout and loved it very much. One of the functions of that association of young boys is to enlighten, not brainwash.
That is why I am asking all Boy Scouts to read thetopcatplan.com and Google scientific research and real facts about the cannabinoids in cannabis, and view the three-hour video on why pot is good, not bad, and definitely not stupid.
Stupid and pot do not belong in the same sentence.
Dotson stated there is medication that relieves stress and pain. All that medication you mention has side effects and kills a person every 19 seconds in this country alone.
Damon, you live in North Baltimore. When I was growing up in Cygnet, North Baltimore was as rough as Fostoria, Lima, or Toledo. Mainly because of the booze. Now, it is as dangerous as those towns because of legal pills and heroin.
Don’t feel bad. You only know what you have been taught.
I say, pot is good for all God’s creatures, but bad for the rulers who think nothing about trashing this earth to stick money in their pockets.
Stay in Boy Scouts, go to church, don’t smoke cigarettes or take legal or illegal pills, don’t drink alcohol, or smoke pot unless you wish to never get Alzheimer’s or feel so depressed you feel like committing suicide.
Don’t ever do it just to feel good or good about life, unless you want to. Nobody is ever going to force you.
Terry Cook