A boil has erupted and its pus is spreading. When it reached Stockholm, the Swedes had enough and fought back by deporting 80,000 refugees to their homeland.
Socialist President Hollande of France closed nearly 100 mosques when police found everything from machine guns to rocket-propelled grenades inside.
Romania is building a wall.
Meanwhile, back to the boil.
Raqqa, Syria is hot right now. It is the capital of the Islamic State and a “coalition” is fighting to take it back. It is a loose bunch of rebels. They sometimes fight Assad and sometimes Kurdish YPG.
The Kurds are our strongest ally, fighting ISIS, and yet Turkey, a NATO ally, attacks them regularly.
Russia and Iran have joined the U.S. to fight ISIS. Yet, Turkey deliberately shot down a Russian fighter.
Elsewhere, 200 police in Afghanistan were killed the first month of 2016. This is why 36,000 Afghan police took their weapons and went home in 2015, the same year the U.S. spent $18 billion to train these police. Barack abdicated responsibility there in 2014.
Our “commander in chief” was raised Sunni, but funds Shia Iran by unlocking $150 billion that should have gone to plaintiffs that won judgments against Iran.
This may all seem puzzling. Why would a civilized society allow in a culture where men are so crude that the sight of a woman’s hair is enough to incite rape and then stone the victim for her crime?
Why, in Cologne, did police report New Year’s Eve rapists as European until the evidence was put on line?
To me the answer is obvious. Soon the emasculated Hillary will continue the good work the president has done the past eight years.
We worry whether Ted Cruz is a nice guy or not?
Joe Tebbe
As reported in The Courier last week, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, with the backing of 11 Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee, has declared the Senate will not consider anyone President Obama nominates to take the seat vacated by the death of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.
Apparently, he discounts the provision in the Constitution that calls for the sitting president to make such a nomination and the precedence that exists for doing so.
How, as elected officials to our Congress, can McConnell and his supporters decide to ignore the law?
Why not let the president nominate someone and at least consider that person based on his qualifications? To not do so seems childish!
I have no doubt McConnell would have no problem with a lame duck Republican president appointing a nominee, even if he had just a few months left in his term.
This is the one of the most blatant examples of the partisanship that has had a stranglehold on our country ever sense Obama became president and explains why outsiders, like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, are doing so well with voters.
People are tired of “business as usual” in politics. I believe many Americans feel as I do, that ideas and proposals should be judged on their merit alone, not on whether a Democrat or a Republican was the one who came up with them.
Hopefully, other Republicans will voice their support of considering an Obama nominee. Who knows, McConnell and his group might just actually like whoever is nominated. And if they don’t, they can reject him or her. At least they will have done their job and shown some dignity in the process.
Sharon Oldham
I am writing today to encourage non-park users to vote “yes” on the Hancock Park District levy on Election Day and to use the great resource we have in Hancock County.
This past fall I was proud to have completed the Park District Hiking Challenge to hike eight trails in 12 of our parks.
Doing so, I realized that one of our parks is only a few minutes’ drive (or walk) from each of our homes. They provide a convenient and free opportunity to get outside whether it is to hike in the fall, ski in the winter, take a child to use the playgrounds in the summer and fish in the spring.
There are not many park districts that offer the variety and convenience Hancock County does. Let’s keep them open.
Richard Kozlowski
Vote for parks? Who isn’t for parks? When seeing the signs across town you may ask yourself these questions.
The Hancock County parks are lovely and for everyone to use. However, it’s important to understand what you’ll be voting for.
The parks are asking for a replacement levy instead of a renewal levy, which allows them to receive additional funds when real estate taxes are re-evaluated.
Are you aware of this? I question why they didn’t just go after a renewal levy.
It is questionable as to how much land the park district should own in the county. The land that is given, bought, or sold to them is taken out of the county’s tax base forever.
This adds an extra burden to taxpayers. All one has to do is look at past records of real estate tax bills to see how they have grown in the past 10 years.
How do you think your real estate tax bill will look in a few more years, as the parks continue to acquire more land and need your tax dollars to maintain them?
If the parks are for everyone, then shouldn’t everyone pay for them? Please think thoroughly about the consequences before you vote.
I will be voting “no” on the replacement levy.
Pamela Foreman