Do you know the difference between a replacement and renewal levy? Not knowing the difference will cause you a lost freedom of choice otherwise known as taxation without representation.
A renewable levy is more predictable because it stays the same over a period of time unless the voters decide to change it. A replacement levy replaces the effective tax rate, and is based on your property evaluation.
The taxing authority considers the revenue it needs and then collects it against your property.
I love and use the Hancock County Park system, but will not support the replacement levy, though I would have supported a renewal levy.
This levy uses the same tactics used by the Findlay politicians when they were asking for a replacement levy for income taxes about five years ago. Fortunately, the citizens saw through this and did not pass the replacement levy.
We now have a surplus in the Findlay coffers with found money and a better economy. Because you did not pass the replacement levy, the good, hardworking people in our area have more money to spend in Findlay.
The parks keep accumulating more land which takes away from the tax base of the county. Unfortunately, the taxpayer cannot always earn more money to make up for the taxes taken from them to support more and more park land.
Please don’t vote your freedoms away during the primary election March 15. Voting does matter and some levies and races are won only by a few votes.
Susan Thompson

The Courier printed an AP story Monday warning of “societal decline” with regard to women going topless at New Hampshire beaches.
The lawmakers involved with this story clearly have no faith in the good judgment of their citizens, suggesting that women would choose to ditch their shirts for a variety of social activities.
One even went so far as to suggest that exposed skin is an open invitation for unwanted grabbing!
Rape culture is a very serious social issue, and I am deeply disturbed to know that lawmakers are openly condoning it. I am very happy that my local newspaper took the liberty to publish this, and I will certainly not be visiting New Hampshire anytime soon.
I am curious, though, what is the law in Ohio regarding shirtlessness?
Nikki Mooney

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the Marathon Center for the Performing Arts.
I went to the Comedy Jam with my father and had a blast. I hope to be able to appreciate the center for years to come.
I believe that, since this building has been finished, more people will view Findlay as a city worth living in. Not only do I think more people will want to move here, but I think more people will want to stay.
I have heard my peers complain about how their goal is to obtain their high school diploma and then never come back to Findlay, but I don’t understand what is so bad about our community.
There are many unique places within city limits. I am proud to live in Findlay, Ohio.
Michael Dudash