Since ISIS loves bombs so well, perhaps we should give them a few more. Yes, there would be a lot of innocent people killed along with them, but since they are so anxious to get to heaven with all of those women, I really think we should help them out.
How long should we stand around doing nothing, hoping they will see how nice we are? Are we not supposed to help our allies when they are in trouble? Are we not supposed to fight for what is right? Are we not supposed to do our best to stamp out evil?
I asked this question some time ago. Where is Harry Truman when we need him? I know he was a Democrat, but that guy knew how to handle our enemies. I think he was probably a Republican under his skin.
Oh, boy! I can hear it now: “I thought she was a Christian!” Well, if you ever read your Bibles, you would know that Christians are supposed to do a little more than hide in their churches and pray. You would read that God had his armies, which he himself led and they stamped out evil.
When evil raises its ugly head, we get rid of it.
Is there a president or a “would be” president out there that will actually behave like one? A “Buck Stops Here” president? A president that will build up our military? A president who will get off the golf course long enough to actually do something to help keep his own country safe, like closing our borders and going back to allowing people to enter the legal way?
A president who won’t turn his back on Israel? I mean, common sense, where art thou?
Look at the cemeteries around the world that are full of good people who died on the battlefield trying to destroy evil.
I think it’s called fighting for God and country.
Barbara Rice
I am writing to express my excitement over the continued success of the Affordable Care Act.
Because of this monumental breakthrough in insurance coverage, more Americans than ever are able to afford the essential protection that they deserve.
One amazing result has been the ending of discrimination for pre-existing conditions. Companies can no longer deny us coverage due to serious disorders such as diabetes, cancer or asthma.
Being a woman is also no longer a cause for higher rates and more expensive premiums. These seemingly obvious changes were a long time coming, and we are not going to stop now.
Another breakthrough was the increased incentives for preventative services. Many are available for free with no deductible or co-pay.
We have finally joined the ranks of other forward-thinking countries, which realize that these preventative measures ultimately lead to less medical bills and lower premiums for all.
In 2014 alone, 39 million people benefited from Medicare’s coverage for these services. Finally, prescription drug savings in Ohio have reached nearly $750 million thanks to the Affordable Care Act.
In 2014, the average beneficiary saved almost $1,000 and seniors are finally able to get their much-needed medication without the worry about financial consequences.
Melissa Kritzell