I was dismayed to learn that Litter Landing would no longer accept glass. Since that decision, I have tried to research glass recycling to better understand the issues.
I contacted Chet Chaney at Ohio EPA to ask the following questions:
• What specific sites/manufacturers purchase recycled glass in Ohio?
• What are other counties doing with recycled glass?
• What are the best practices for dealing with glass to keep it out of landfills?
• What are the long-term costs for not recycling glass, if any?
• If a center is not showing a profit on glass, what are other options to generate revenue that would support glass recycling?
He invited me to call him, which I did Tuesday and I was very happy to learn that two county commissioners had met with Mr. Chaney at the EPA’s request.
As an outcome of that meeting, I understand that the Ohio EPA will continue to work with the county to assess best practices in recycling and help Hancock County possibly apply for grants specific to glass and other ways to bring cost-efficient practices to the recycling process here.
One significant fact from Mr. Chaney: There is a need for recycled glass in Ohio industries.
Rumpke Waste Hauling and Recycling has several glass processing centers. The closest to Findlay is in Dayton.
At first, that seemed a major distance until Mr. Chaney pointed out that Hancock County has been shipping/transporting glass to Pennsylvania. Dayton might be a better option?
I think most people in this community would see Tuesday’s meeting as, at least, a small beginning to address needs. Perhaps, when there is more to report, The Courier will publish an article.
I take a certain pride in life in Findlay, a life that includes the arts, progressive policies (most of the time), and sustainability practices that permit a lighter footprint on this planet.
Judy Hall
Unfortunately, Gretchen Thomas (letter, July 13) is repeating a conspiracy theory that started about 20 years ago and has been debunked many times since then.
For the most succinct and well-documented summary of this fallacy please read the article at the following website:
Even the word “chemtrails” (short for “chemical trails”) is a misnomer.
What Ms. Thomas is referring to are simply “contrails” (short for “condensation trails”), the result of hot gasses escaping from jet engines and meeting cold, moist air. They have been around since jets were first introduced. Now with so many jets flying around, both commercial and military, there are many more contrails.
And contrary to what conspiracists think they have detected, these contrails do not hang around longer than in the past; there are videos of long-lasting contrails from the 1950s.
The length of time they last and how far they spread are determined by natural causes such as air temperature, humidity, and wind speed.
There has never been any evidence of these contrails containing any of the dangerous chemicals Ms. Thomas suggests (except the usual carbon dioxide byproduct of the fuel burned by the engines, which does contribute to harmful global warming).
Just read the article I mentioned above, and other relevant information.
There are many dangerous chemicals being introduced into our atmosphere, water and earth, from a wide range of industrial operations and commercial products. Focus your attention on these, Ms. Thomas, and leave the conspiracy theories alone.
Jim Flechtner
So much for freedom of speech in America in 2016.
Recently, I saw an article on “liberal social media” about the “New Black Panthers” being allowed to carry guns at the Republican Convention in Cleveland.
If that is Ohio law, so be it.
I posted a comment yesterday on liberal social media. The point I was trying to make is that if the Black Panthers are allowed to carry guns then the KKK, the neo-Nazis and the Aryan Brotherhood should be allowed to carry guns. If this was the case, it would be suicidal.
I said we wouldn’t have to worry about nuclear arms in North Korea. We, as a country, would self-destruct.
If I didn’t see it with my own eyes I wouldn’t believe it. In the comments I was allowed to say “Black Panthers” and “Aryan Brotherhood,” but I was not allowed to say “KKK” or “Nazis.”
These words were deleted out with #$%$ and #$%#. Apparently, KKK and Nazis are not politically correct.
George Orwell’s book “1984,” which he wrote in 1949, has come to pass. We are living it now, in the politically correct United States of Amerika.
To quote George Orwell: “In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Be aware, we do not have true freedom of speech in “Amerika.” We have freedom of filtered speech.
God help us.
Gary Ellerbrock