On my way out of the election polling place in November, I had an election official respond to my comment about how stressful this election period had been.
He said I shouldn’t worry because the outcome wouldn’t have any effect on my life. How patronizing that comment felt!
I am appalled that we now have a lying, racist, misogynistic sexual predator with a foul mouth and an egomaniacal personality who will enter that most revered of all historical places, the White House, with his wife, the First Pin-up Lady.
He not only has plenty of conflicts of interest that no one ever considered before he was permitted to run as a Republican, but also is alleged to have connections to the New York mob/Mafia.
And exactly how many lawsuits is he involved in?
For his campaign, he followed the Nixon playbook of using fear, ignorance, bigotry, and smear to get people to vote for him. And it worked with so many more than just the “basket of deplorables.”
He is currently working to surround himself with a cadre of despicable minions, many of whom are from the very “swamp” he promised to “drain.”
And please tell me which other president needed his children to be his closest advisors? His children didn’t even know they needed to register to be able to vote in the primaries. What kind of advice on domestic, much less foreign, policy could they possibly provide?
He is a person who requires careful and close observation and whom we must challenge assiduously on every wrong move and false step. No, I’m not affected personally, but I think we should all begin to consider how to bring the presidency back to its moral and ethical underpinnings.
Karen Minto
Mount Cory
In regards to voting, while it’s easy to say that we shouldn’t let urban areas decide elections, you also have to keep in mind that it would be equally unfair to not take into account that’s where much of our population is.
While I don’t think popular vote is the way to go, the electoral college definitely has some problems.
For instance, Republicans in California and Democrats in Texas are less enthused to vote because their chances of influencing the election are zero, and third party voters have zero chance almost everywhere.
California has one electoral vote per 216,390 voters while Alaska has one electoral vote per 80,820 voters (both at the time of writing this.) Also, in response to Eligio Sierra (letter, Dec. 15), the study he refers to was referring to narcotic drugs, which marijuana is not.
And for those who consider marijuana a gateway drug, consider this: is it that way because it’s “bad” for you, or because it’s illegal and you have to go to illegal dealers, who benefit more from opioids?
Jacob Babione

So Findlay is planning to run a $1.2 million deficit in 2017. But the mayor said they might make up some of that by “continuing to push down expenses.”
Let’s see, the court system is seeking an increase of about 14 percent, the police department about 8.5 percent, the fire department around 8.7 percent, and the computer services department 15.4 percent.
If the mayor pushes down expenses any more, we’ll wind up with a $3 million deficit.
Tell me, how many of the readers of this letter will receive even the measly 8.5 percent raise that the police department is getting here? Perhaps Washington isn’t the only swamp that needs draining.
John Bauer

As an avid Findlay walker, it is disconcerting to see the many Findlay businesses and homeowners that simply refuse to salt and/or shovel their sidewalks.
Even if you just use salt once a week, sidewalks can be walked on. If you never salt at all, what is left is often just several inches of ice.
This forces walkers to walk on the road facing traffic. Findlay streets are usually salted and workable for both walkers and cars.
To cars with clueless drivers: human beings legally walking facing traffic are just as important as your gigantic SUV.
Elaine Waldman