Larry Richards (letter, Dec. 18) keeps pushing the idea that the Bible is God’s word and the basis of laws. Please, give the proof that there is evidence of that statement.
An instrument used by God to write the Bible would sway everyone to go to church and swallow the idea that the Bible is, in fact, God’s word.
The Bible was written by men. Period. Each published version of the Bible changes according to the publisher’s desires to condition people to their own personal judgments, not God’s or Jesus’ judgment.
Note the word “homosexual” being added to the men’s Bible to promote an agenda of hate, when the Catholic Church performed marriages of the same sex long ago before choosing to condemn them.
Richards really needs to put up the proof or stand down. I personally do not affiliate with a church of any type, and communicate with my maker directly.
Jesus condemned the church, according to the men’s written Bible, and threw the money changers from it in scorn.
In turn, according to men’s Bibles, the church hierarchy plotted to have Jesus crucified to become the one authority through which all believers were to be “taught” about the Bible.
Believers were supposed to communicate with God through those men of the church, which only gave the church the right to demand tithes to support the blasphemy of “their” Bible and their riches earned through those tithes.
This was not the teaching of Jesus, even according to some writings that were excluded, of course, from the final published works of men’s Bibles.
I do not know where or how Richards can bring forth proof of the “written word of God” being the Bible, but I challenge it be exposed for the world to see, or he needs to sit down and believe what he desires about the Bible and churches without pushing it on everyone else.
Remove the plank from your own eye before you tell anyone about the splinter in theirs.
Deb Green
Mount Cory

Standing Rock is already a bigger history event than General Custer’s Last Stand. Kneeling of NFL players was our second stand for what is right. Planting industrial hemp this year is our upcoming single most important stand in our nation’s entire history.
We allowed the world rulers to take our gifts given to us by our Founding Fathers. We allowed hemp to be made illegal to grow in 1937.
With hemp, 80 percent of the pollution in our rivers, lakes, and oceans would not be there. Our parts per million of CO2s would be at 350 instead of 410 and climbing.
Planting this spring is crucial to begin the process of ending our deepest downward spiral. The coming year will go down as the self-sufficient, homemade green hydrogen and hemp crusade. Crusade, because of our war to survive what we allowed to happen is indeed all about good triumphing over the evil that ruled us in our 145 years of the modern day dark age.
We will no longer buy what they are selling, like 80 percent of the average worker’s paycheck going to their energy.
When we go green in every way, it will drive a hemp composite stake into the hearts of the evil empire of planet destroyers. We are in the up cycle for positive actions. We will have a Happy New Year!
Terry Cook