I’m responding to the article, “South Dakota considers ban on teaching about gender identity” (Page A2, Feb. 9). Naturally, critics say this article “targets transgender students in the same way some states limit the positive portrayal of homosexuality in the classroom.”
People, let’s face it. Homosexuals themselves know that homosexuality isn’t normal, as do most heterosexuals.
What on earth is a “positive portrayal”? They are different and just why has been anyone’s guess forever. Various reasons have been expressed.
However, here we are speaking about transgenderism. When I went to school many years ago, we knew about gender identity before we went to school — male and female. Today they have discovered so many “gender variations” that to teach anyone about them, especially children, would not only be a waste of time, but impossible.
Gender identity is “someone’s inner sense of their gender.”
All of this is silly stuff being taught in public schools now and is practically all a result of civil rights. Wow, why do I hate civil rights?
As usual, civil rights decisions are used by radicals of the group to force the rest of us to accept their unpopular ideas, e.g., teaching “transgender issues” to school children.
Although I disagree about teaching all this LGBTQ stuff, I am so sorry that many times the parents have little or no say in deciding these things.
What is so disheartening to me is how charter schools and vouchers can be operated by Catholics and Muslims with tax money and teach their religious beliefs also.
Where is the ACLU? I bet they are not forced to teach about homosexuality and LGBTQ. Where is fairness and justice?
Ralph Anderson

The article about the mass shooting of students in Florida (Courier, Feb. 15) and the article about the abortion clinic in Toledo being allowed to stay open (Courier, Feb. 13) have something in common: the murder of children.
Different ages, circumstances, places, but the results are the same.
Alvera M. Sams