The recent tragedy in Florida has brought the left to a fever pitch and they are making the same argument for gun control as they always have to fall back on this. This approach has never been successful in this country and probably never will.
They target the NRA as the boogey man and claim they have too much influence with the politicians in Washington, D.C., and all the money they throw around. Please remember the Second Amendment was put into the Constitution of The United States of America for one reason and it has nothing to do with hunting, target shooting or even personal protection. It was for the protection of our country, Constitution and way of life. Whether or not you want a gun, this is your right to own any weapon that you can acquire and, as there seems to be confusion with this fact, I will attempt to enlighten the uneducated among you.
The Second Amendment: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
Although grammatically incorrect, this right is hard to refute and as it is the only amendment that ends with the four words, shall not be infringed, which means that any regulation regarding weapons is unconstitutional.
I know that there are regulations and laws regarding weapons and the Supreme Court of the United States has either refused to rule or has ruled against the Second Amendment on appeal from lower courts, it does not invalidate the fact that as it is written in the Constitution any law to change it should be only by amendment.
Those of you that say that AR-15 is not a good gun to hunt with may be right for you, but for those out there who want to have a gun that you can use to shoot coyotes that are in your pastures, it is relatively light weight, easy to handle and accurate — if you practice with it.
Patrick T. Flinn

I am a believer in our country and not a believer in the conspiracy theory, but of late I feel that my beliefs are being challenged by what is happening in our capitol.
The FBI is a large, well funded and supposedly efficient investigative agency. So far this agency has not completed a single security investigation to secure security clearances for aides to the president, aides whose input is crucial to the leadership of this country.
I am (almost) beginning to believe that there may be some underlying reason for this, what I consider to be, lazy and seemingly purposeful delay in the pursuit of these investigations and clearances.
I realize that the world has changed since my top secret clearance in 1960, but to take more than a year to complete investigations of such importance seems a bit unbelievable to me.
I hate to even let thoughts of conspiracy enter my mind but when an agency as large, all reaching and “all knowing” as the FBI can’t react any faster than this, perhaps there is an underlying reason or guidance going on giving the media and the “respected” talking heads fodder to attack.
Granted, all is not well in the country. But when well-implanted members of the bureaucracy can have such an adverse effect on government operations my beliefs are being challenged.
I find it a shame that our elected officials seem content with this status quo and more than willing to join the media on what I consider to be attacks on this country.
I ask them just what are they doing to earn the respect of the voters who supported them and sent them to Washington to govern this great country? Stand up and be counted people and do your job.
Don Kinn

With Billy Graham’s passing, I think it’s fitting to write in response to Jon Meyer’s letter and Anne Graham Lotz’ quotes (March 2) which are so true.
With America’s silence we have said “OK” to much that is destroying us from within. But she left out one extremely important “OK” that has to do with life itself — and that is destroying life in the womb.
Because of it, this annihilation of our humanity through abortion, the devil is dancing around in glee. He has had a strong foothold in society in large part because of it and people’s own individual choices.
In my opinion, as long as abortion, murder, is “OK” in this great country, evil cannot be restrained.
What embodies death itself more than killing an innocent unborn baby?
As long as God is expelled from the public schools, where many of our children are, and where much perversion is being allowed and even taught, violence and murder, evil cannot be constrained in them.
How many parents are saying “OK” to these things either willingly or by their silence? And as long as so many American people do not appreciate or recognize that there is a creator in heaven who looks down upon and will judge everything they do, if they do not receive him into their lives, how can we hope to stem the tide of violence and murder and find safety in our land?
These are rejecting the very source of their protection.
I am thankful our mayor has decided to keep the painting and has listened to the many voices of Findlay. It depicts our true source of safety, security, and refuge — “underneath his arms.”
Deborah Peterson

Isn’t it strange how mental illness only seems to massacre people in the USA?
Robert Dockery