I cannot resist commenting on how I enjoyed reading Friday’s Viewpoint page.
To begin, I must repeat the first quote in the lower right-hand corner of that page: “The framers of our Constitution meant we were to have freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.”
Specifically, Christianity. In fact, if our Christian religion had not been banned by our left-controlled country, most of the rest of Friday’s Viewpoint page would be unnecessary.
Let’s not forget the ill-named American Civil Liberties Union.
There is one exception to the “good things” on Friday’s A4. In this case I speak of the columnist E.J. Dionne’s piece. It’s placed wonderfully to the left and at the bottom of the page. Too bad when you hold the paper upright it couldn’t fall out. Then it could be picked up and thrown out with the rest of the trash.
Of course, it is almost impossible to read all the news or hear all about the 17 deaths of school personnel in Florida. First, it’s the gun’s fault, then no, it’s the people who shoot the guns.
Seldom, if ever, is it mentioned why they resort to shooting these usually poor, innocent people. I believe if we discover why they do it, the reason could be corrected and that could end it.
From my limited knowledge, many of such shootings occur in very large or consolidated schools. The wise guys, or bullies, get together and make life hell for those they choose to pick on.
Then many other students laugh and make fun of the victims. They finally feel trapped. They must go to school, and with the continual feeling of degradation they come to hate those responsible or possibly the school in general. Thus, to me, their final action is to kill as many students, and others, as their way of getting even.
So, if you are one of the “wise guys,” try to be nice. It can give you a good feeling and maybe prevent a disaster.
In closing, I want to thank Jon Meyer and Barb Rice. Their letters made my day.
Ralph Anderson

Going green in every way, including the hemp, self-sufficient, and homemade green hydrogen, will bring on the biggest boost for the return of our middle class.
Everything is set up on supply and demand. When you no longer need something that was constantly coming from the “rulers,” it brings big change about who calls the shots.
With that brings the question we never had before. Do we really need any planet-destroying industry, big bank, Wall Street, big insurance, American Medical Association, American Dental Association, U.S. Patent Office, or the Red Cross?
Not when we are able to produce 25,000 hemp products that everybody can use, made in your own state, feeding your local economy, not the fat cats, while transportation costs are minimized.
Not buying what is killing us makes a huge difference in stopping our deepest downward spiral.
When the rich lose, we gain, not the other way around like Ronnie Reagan had us believe.
Terry Cook