I’m a 92-year-old veteran and if I were to meet Karen Minto, I would give her a big hug. What Minto wrote (letter, March 13) about President Trump is 100 percent correct.
It’s amazing to me how voters, whether Democrat or Republican, with any common sense, and hearing what Trump was saying and how he was acting during his campaign, and the sexual associations he had with dozens of the females, could ever elect him to serve as head of our country.
Trump would love to be a dictator and he is acting like one. He lies continually, brags and calls everyone that does not agree with him all kinds of nasty names.
Never in my lifetime has there been a president, GOP or Democrat, that has carried on like this.
In this country, I can’t believe the Republicans would ever consider voting for this man, even though many would vote for any Republican, no matter what.
I wrote a letter to the editor before the election warning the Republicans that if you vote for Trump, you’re voting for the devil in disguise. It sure looks like what I said was true.
Look at what’s happening now, with all the chaos happening every day at the White House. This country is in deep trouble until we get rid of this president.
Tom Daley

Early voting for the May 8 primary begins April 10. I believe the 83rd District needs a mature, experienced, state representative who understands the desires and problems of their constituents. That is why Cheryl Buckland has my vote.
Buckland’s experience and education in nursing, farming and business is definitely the voice we need in Columbus. There are currently no nurses in the Statehouse, even though there are over 200,000 registered nurses in Ohio.
Lawmakers make significant decisions about health care; Medicaid expenditures accounted for 37.4 percent of Ohio’s 2015 budget.
Buckland is an energetic, critical thinker who attained her master’s degree when her peers were considering retirement plans. Nursing is the most trusted profession in America (according to Gallup) for 16 consecutive years. She has been a bedside nurse, nurse educator, director of nursing and national speaker on nursing ethics and management.
Rep. Robert Sprague successfully brought forth initiatives to address Ohio’s opiate crisis. Over the past year, Buckland has tirelessly collaborated with the Community Foundation, the ADAMHS Board and Blanchard Valley Healthcare System to develop a specialty care team providing needed treatment to pregnant, opiate-dependent women and delivering healthy babies in Hancock County.
Buckland brings real-life experience to address this public health crisis. Growing up on a large hog and grain farm, Cheryl not only understands the needs of the agricultural community, but she’s also built relationships in the district in order to stay informed about the challenges facing today’s farm families.
Cheryl and her husband, Larry, created 75 good-paying jobs at the nursing home they established in Fostoria.
She understands the hardships governmental regulations place upon hardworking business owners; we need more state legislators with business ownership experience to continue finding ways to make Ohio a more business-friendly state.
Buckland understands the government’s money is our money. She knows how to manage a budget and hit a deadline. I believe her when she says she seeks this office because she is committed to public service. Her legacy demonstrates she is ready, willing and able to represent your interests in Columbus.
Susan M. Hellmann

Early voting begins in a little more than two weeks, and I believe we should be aware of the values, experiences and beliefs the candidates offer us as we prepare to vote.
Jon Cross has received the only endorsement from the Ohio Right to Life group. I believe this, as well as Jon’s championship of the Second Amendment, illustrates where Jon’s values lie.
His experience working with businesses, large and small, to bring business to Northwest Ohio will serve him well in his quest to make Ohio safer, stronger and open for business.
His belief that he should meet with, listen to and work for the people of the 83rd District is demonstrated by the number of local trustee meetings he has attended; by the number of individual doors he has personally knocked on; and by the way he listens to the farmers, manufacturers, business owners and voters he meets.
Voting for Cross is our opportunity to send new conservative leadership to the Statehouse in Columbus!
Sheryl A. Haushalter

This letter is in response to Mary A. Miller (letter, Feb. 24). But the first thing I must do is apologize to the readers of the Courier for a mistake I made in my previous letter (Feb. 9). I misstated the date of the third edition of the Erasmus Greek text. The date given was 1519, but the correct date is 1522.
Why was the Roman Catholic church so prominently defended in Mary’s letter? I have never mentioned any church in my letter. Could it be I hit a nerve? I have no misconceptions concerning the Roman Catholic church, and did not express any. I just stated facts.
The apostle John completed the last book of the Bible, the Book of Revelation, in 90 to 94 A.D. He was on the isle of Patmos. He was ordered by the Lord Jesus Christ to send it to the seven churches listed in the Book of Revelation, chapter one verse eleven. The first one, Ephesus, was only 30-some miles away. The idea that there was no Bible until around 400 A.D. is an error. Did it take 300 years to go 30 miles? No.
Ordinary Christian people were hand copying Bibles almost immediately. The old Latin versions of the Bible occurred as early as 157 A.D. The old Syriac versions of the Bible dated 180 A.D.
These Latin texts had wide acceptance in Greece, through the Balkans into Northern Italy and in France, through Europe into the British Isles, as did the Syrian texts in Turkey, and Syria. These are the texts that the King James Bible was translated from. Jerome’s Vulgate was ignored by Bible-believing Christians for 800 years.
My point was that the King James Bible has more fruit than any other bible. Apparently Miller missed that. As long as people miss out on what God is doing concerning the salvation of mankind there can be no unity.
Just wondering: How do you think a person gets to Heaven?
Max Schroeder
North Baltimore