I would like to rebut Marilyn Sheidler’s letter (April 11) reacting to my opinion (letter, April 9) concerning the recent “March for Our Lives.”

I certainly did not miss the point.

Unfortunately, what Sheidler and millions of others do is ignore truth. It is out there to find if she would calm her emotional reaction and take a more intellectual approach to what is really going on in our country.

She offered no factual, only emotional, counter to my research and obvious world view that there are very dark forces at work who want to create anarchy, and use the chaos to institute fascism-socialism and destroy our American system of freedom and choice.

Call it what you will, establishment, insiders, deep state, swamp or cabal, but it is real, very powerful and working against our cherished national political institutions and has been since at least the Wilson administration.

Rahm Emanuel, mayor of Chicago and former chief of staff to Obama, summed up Sandy Hook, Vegas, Charlottesville, Stoneman, Occupy, Black Lives … you name it, before any of these occurred: “… never let a serious crisis go to waste.” Meaning, of course, use the incident for maximum political gain by getting people emotionally involved, whipped up by media! They will overlook deeper meaning.

Some incidents like evil shootings are naturally occurring while others are engineered from behind the scenes. The likes of George Soros, international bankers and others also finance Emanuel’s “serious crisis.”

The Washington march was, indeed, anti-Trump because he is anti-establishment (look at my rally participants/financial backers data).

Additionally, the insider narrative was Hillary wins … to maintain the morally corrupt insider stranglehold. When American voters rejected felonious Hillary, it upset the cushy ongoing insider control and fascist-socialist agenda.

I did not miss the point, Ms. Sheidler, you did.

Michael Janton