Considering all politics is local, we should understand how to vote for our own interests on May 8.

While many folks in the country are focused on the Mueller investigation or the Stormy Daniels lawsuit or the raid on Michael Cohen’s “law” office … we are not informing ourselves as to what Congress is doing behind all these “shiny objects.”

That is how the 2,000-page tax reform bill got passed without any time for Congress-persons to read it, much less debate it. It has been touted as a “great” improvement that will put money in the pockets of the middle class.

Reality reveals something quite different. The wealthy and large donor corporations will benefit at the expense of the little guy, as the national debt increases by $1.5 trillion.

And now Congress is going after Medicare and Social Security, two programs that are not entitlements because we contribute to them each pay period. Congress wants to tap into the $2.9 trillion surplus in the Social Security fund in order to avoid adding more money to the debt. They are proposing that young people pay less into the Social Security system now to have more spending money to pay bills. They don’t care that it will leave the young with less at their disposal when they retire.

Paid parental leave is facing the same treatment. Smokescreens to hide what Congress really intends to do — eventually dismantle all social programs to create an oligarchy for themselves.

As Isaac Asimov reminds us: “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.'”

We need to know that Bob Latta is one of 233 House members who voted in favor of dipping into the Social Security fund, the very fund that folks contribute to during their working years. That is stealing.

Be sure to vote your interests on Tuesday, May 8.

Karen Minto

Mount Cory


Commissioner Tim Bechtol is working to build a consensus throughout Hancock County. It has been my privilege to have gotten to know him, and I believe he is a man of integrity with the heart of a servant.

I know him to be honest and a man of God. His background as an architect serves the county well in regards to critical thinking and practical application.

Bechtol has been serving in the position vacated by Phil Reigle. During this year, he has had the opportunity to work for the people of Hancock County. He has gained valuable experience in dealing with many issues in our county.

He makes himself accessible to the people of this community. In reality, Mr. Bechtol’s actions speak volumes about him. I am asking the voters of Hancock County to cast their ballot for Bechtol on May 8 for commissioner.

Let’s keep Bechtol on board!

Deb Seng



The voters in Ohio need more information about Mike DeWine before they cast their vote.

Before DeWine’s last election for attorney general, he promised to support the landowners on the south shore of Lake Erie. But when he was elected, he switched sides and joined the DNR in its efforts to steal property from the landowners.

For those who don’t know what that issue is about, the DNR was trying to establish the Public Trust to a recent high-water mark. What this meant was that the state of Ohio would own all of the dry land under this new high-water mark. The DNR wanted to claim this land and force taxpaying landowners into renting the land. Landowners would then be forced to provide and maintain public access to the lake.

The settlement of this issue dates back to 1917 when the Supreme Court gave its opinion in favor of the landowners. Recently, the Supreme Court again sided with the landowners. The Public Trust is at the water’s edge north.

The landowners’ battle is not over. Every few years the state of Ohio (DNR) renews its effort to steal this land. Will Mr. DeWine join their ranks again? I think that is a good enough reason not to vote for him.

Robert Eisel



I’m grateful for all those who attended our second annual “A Better Way” presentation on April 20.

One subject I did not cover was the fact we carry on like gluttons, devouring things without any common sense. In honor of Earth Day, let’s make a new law to counteract unnecessary consumption of plastic.

All stores should discontinue the use of plastic bags. Most of the time, I am the only one in big stores possessing handmade shopping bags, but more stores have them for sale as you walk in.

I did get a chance to point out the fact the Green Party has candidates to consider in May: Constance Gadell-Newton and Brett Joseph for governor and lieutenant governor; and write-in candidates Philena Irene Farley for U.S. Senate; and Paul Curry for state treasurer. I encourage all to vote Green!

Terry Cook