The recently reported campaign funds raised in the governor’s race reflect which of the candidates the big-money interests are backing, whose voices will thus be heard the most by voters through paid political ads, and who will therefore likely be elected.

This system favors the election of candidates backed by wealthy special interests to serve those interests instead of the public good.

Apparently, the only gubernatorial candidate addressing the problem is Dennis Kucinich. As described on his campaign’s website, his position is consistent with the 2016 Democratic Party National Platform.

The platform says Democrats “will fight for real campaign finance reform now. Big money is drowning out the voices of everyday Americans. . . . We need to amplify the voices of the American people through a small donor matching public financing system.”

Candidates who ignore the issue of campaign finance reform — which seems to be all the candidates for governor except Kucinich — are supporting a corrupt system. Former President Jimmy Carter said the current system has caused the U.S. to become “an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery” instead of a democracy.

No candidate who accepts that outrageous situation deserves to be elected.

Joseph C. Sommer



On May 8, Ohioans have a rare chance to make our elections more fair. Issue 1 would create a bipartisan approach to drawing congressional voting districts. Those drawing the districts would be required to keep communities together, and not favor one party over another.

Issue 1 would end “gerrymandering.” That’s when voting districts are drawn in a way that favors the candidate from one party. The result: communities are broken up and elections becomes less competitive.

Everyone agrees that this is a good idea. The Ohio Democratic Party and the Ohio Republican Party support Issue 1, which was developed by the League of Women Voters and Fair Districts Fair Elections.

Keep our communities together and our politicians responsible. Vote yes on Issue 1!

Maya Fischoff



Far be it from me to speak out against old people and kids. I’m old — and I got lots of kids.

However, I feel strongly about the public being duped. Issue 7, the Hancock County Job & Family Services levy is being touted as directly benefitting and protecting the elderly and kids. But upon simply reading the entire (and short) wording of this proposed welfare levy, it is clear that the money may, or may not, be used for these specific purposes.

It states: “An additional tax for the benefit of Hancock County to SUPPLEMENT THE GENERAL FUND….”.

To quote my granddaughter: “Just sayin.'”

Janet Quarrie



Does Jake Laird (letter, April 21) believe that Ralph Anderson is ignorant or undereducated? He seemed to imply it by stating that Ralph “has probably not set foot on a college campus, in many years, if at all.”

I think it’s possible that Ralph didn’t mean to imply that all colleges are too liberal and intolerant. Let’s use some common sense and logic, shall we?

In that regard, let’s return to Jake’s reaction to what he called my “barnyard investigations” about animal behavior. But’s let’s go the opposite way.

Some animals have been observed engaging in homosexual behavior. Are they in a “committed, exclusive relationship? I doubt it.

So using Jake’s “logic,” should we stop using toilets and eat from troughs? I thought we were supposed to be the most highly evolved species on the planet.

Joel B. Harris