This is in reference to a Courier article (Page A4, May 23) at the bottom of the page regarding the cleanup of toxic waste in Luckey.

It gave me a feeling of accomplishment, but is a longtime coming. The cleanup is due to one man’s dedication to being a servant of the people, a true humanitarian by the name of John P. Stozich.

Stozich, a one-time Findlay mayor and state lawmaker, became concerned with the alarming lymphoma outbreak in the village of Luckey in Troy Township, Wood County.

He was instrumental in soil sampling and water sampling from the town’s water supply and quarry and private wells in the area.

John knew that I worked at the beryllium facility and contacted me, and we discussed meeting with government officials.

We toured the facility, and the dump site areas were pointed out.

The beryl ore that arrived at the facility from Africa and Mexico was in sealed boxes and contained in 55-gallon drums. It was highly radioactive.

I’m elated that something is finally being done. I know of several people who passed because of cancer.

I feel John Stozich should be commended for his dedication to this matter. I also think we should change County Road 95 to the John Stozich bypass or freeway. John deserves credit for that project, too. Thanks John!

Melvin Householder



I started this letter back on May 12, the same day Janet Quarrie’s racist diatribe from the Readers’ View. After reading the fine letters by Jake Laird, Karen Minto and David Miller on May 26, I decided to finish.

Rush Limbaugh has always said that if you tell a lie often enough, folks will believe it is the truth. Of course, he was talking about us liberals, not himself or Donald Trump.

So, according to Janet, this is what she believes: “Can you believe, no one took a knee. I am also heartened at the patriotic values are alive and well in Flag City, U.S.A.”

I’m not sure what the value of a lie is but I’d say thanks to Donald Trump, who at one of his many Republican redneck, racist rallies called Colin Kaepernick an SOB and then lied about why Colin took a knee during the national anthem.

So for the record, and for Janet, Colin was protesting the fact he felt that too many black, unarmed men were being shot and killed by white anglo-saxon policemen with no apparent consequences. In fact, one black man was shot 16 times while yet another unarmed black man was shot in the back and killed while running away from a white policeman.

I don’t know if Janet watched the Donald with her stars and bars flag in one hand and her white sheet in the other, or if she has just been reading the letters of guys like Wayne Baldridge and Ralph Anderson.

We have all read how they feel about the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the ACLU and black men like President Obama, Colin Kaepernick, and the reverends, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

I have lived around here most of my life, and it’s no secret that lily white Findlay is to Ohio what Selma is to Alabama or, if you prefer, what Ferguson is to Missouri.

Jim Brant



In response to Don Iliff’s Readers’ View (June 1) “Democracy is killing democracy,” I would suggest he re-read the Constitution. The United States is a representative Republic, not a Democracy.

Liberals would love a Democracy where vast enclaves of the U.S. population in California and New York would dictate what is immoral, by their standards, with total disregard for middle America.

The Founding Fathers, by creating the electoral college, gave my middle America vote meaning.

In regards to immigration laws, Trump inherited decades of “pass the buck” non-action on immigration, including Obama’s first two years in office when he had complete control of the House and Senate.

Trump is following existing law, passed by Congress and signed into law. If he is not, the Supreme Court, one of the three branches of governance in our Republic, will tell him so.

Is Trump immoral? As liberals have created a vacuum in our schools, local government institutions, etc. on religious thought and speak, I would like a definition of immoral and a basis for it.

I did not vote for Trump, I voted against an un-convicted felon who could not even pass the smell test when vetted for a security clearance to be commander-in-chief.

Craig Nichols