Jake Laird (letter, July 23) wrote in his first sentence, “it never fails to blow my mind.”

I have to remind him that his mind was blown quite some time ago or he wouldn’t have written his letter. I guess he went to a so-called institute of higher learning with a liberal agenda. Therefore, he doesn’t think.

He just reacts to anything the way he’s been programmed to react.

Also, Jake, you sadly include yourself as a Democrat. You are an ultra-liberal.

At least 75 percent of your letter consists of “news” that is always anti-Trump.

I’ve known many Democrats and they don’t believe your ultra-liberal garbage. They are not ultra-liberal like you but Jesus-loving Christians, as I am.

Could these anti-liberal Democrats have helped put Trump over the top in 2016? Or did they?

As much as Laird’s been programmed to hate Trump and repeat the ultra-liberal quote about him in the last paragraph of his letter, and also includes Jesus, just means, as I said above, that he just doesn’t think!

Until just recently I believed that presently there is only one political party in our country — the ultra-liberal party, mainly because they control nearly all of the news media.

I now believe there are five political parties. They are (1) the Democratic Party, (2) the ultra-liberal Democratic Party, (3) the Republican Party, (4) the moderate Republican Party (those who vote with the ultra-liberals to get good news coverage for re-election), and (5) an independent party.

So, look out Jake in 2020! You’ve got about 5 to 1 against you. And, I can’t wish you good luck.

Ralph Anderson



Wayne Baldridge (letter, July 20) has once again graced us with his Christian love.

The only thing different from his June 23 Democratic put-down letter are the targets. Back then senators Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were the brunt of his unholy sermonizing as, according to Laura Ingraham of Fox News, they were the ringleaders of the gazillions of MS-13 gangs swarming across our borders and soon to be our neighbors.

This time it is James Clapper, James Comey and that Sharia Law, womanizer John Brennan. I was real glad to see Wayne’s concern for the women, though.

Shoot, for a minute there I feared he might want to introduce them to President Crotchgrabber.

If you ask me, the only thing Baldridge told the truth about is the fact Trump is a wrecking ball.

In 18 months, the Trumpster has told more bold-face lies than all of the rest of the world’s leaders combined, except maybe his best buddy, Vladimir Putin.

Instead of working like he should, our loafer-in-chief has played more golf in 18 months than Barack Obama and Dwight D. Eisenhower played in 16 years.

Oh well, I reckon when president for life Putin comes to visit, our great business tycoon Donald John Trump will give him the deed to the White House, sort of like an early Christmas present.

Jim Brant