Caring about children means voting “yes” on Issue 1. Issue 1 means that sentences for alcohol and other drug-related felonies for possession and drug use may be reduced to misdemeanors.

Because children have a parent locked up for an alcohol or other drug-related offense, they are more likely to be incarcerated than their peers when they become adults. It has been known for decades that incarceration doesn’t work. It becomes a vicious cycle — locked up, released, continued use of alcohol and drugs, and locked up again.

Studies show a parent’s incarceration can be more traumatic for children than a parent’s death or divorce. A parent’s incarceration causes damage to children’s education, health, and social relationships. This damage puts them at higher risk that one day they will be incarcerated themselves. The effects of parents’ problems are hard for children, parents and the community to admit.

Professionals in the field of social science are taught this as college students.

The Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health Services board (ADAMHS) and The Courier’s View (Viewpoint, Oct. 9) encouraging voters to vote against Issue 1 lack facts.

The criminal justice system’s concern is its loss of complete authority in sentencing, including a client signing away his or her constitutional rights. Boards and advisory committees involved in the fields of addiction and mental health need to allow community members to become more involved.

Currently, ADAMHS and the criminal justice system’s rules, policies and procedures are barriers interfering with community members’ using their professional skills and experience in the treatment process.

ADAMHS board’s mission is creating an environment that brings hope and improves the quality of life for people affected by mental illness and substance abuse.

Issue 1 can help offset the billions of dollars Ohio spends a year on prison and jail system overcrowding. Billions saved can help fund treatment needs for those with mental illnesses and addictions, bringing hope and improving their quality of lives as well as the lives of their children.

Don Iliff




Wasn’t President Trump a registered Democrat before he became president? Wasn’t he amazingly elected by the people of the USA and not through the Democratic or Republican parties, who have always chosen who we get to vote for in rigged elections?

Do you think these parties will ever let the people have a fair election again? Wasn’t it through Trump’s wealth, love for the U.S., and God’s grace that we had a chance to elect him? Weren’t both parties against him?

Do you like these accomplishments?

Regulatory reform: Trump set up task forces in every agency to remove job-killing regulations and increase economic opportunity leading to more jobs.

Trans Pacific Partnership: Trump signed an executive order removing the U.S. from the international pact, which is a monumental compromise to American sovereignty and would take millions of jobs away from American workers.

Property rights: Trump issued an executive order in June to begin the process of rescinding the 2015 Waters of the United States rule, which has been used to expand federal control over private land.

United Nations: Trump said, “I put America first and you should do the same with your nations.” He also explicitly denounced socialism and communism, pointing to Venezuela as an example of what happens when socialism is successfully implemented.

ISIS: ISIS has collapsed in its Syria stronghold and in Iraq.

Welfare/food stamps: Seven-year low in people reliant on food stamps.

Immigration: Tougher immigration on illegals has led to a drop in illegal aliens. An estimated 6,000 MS-13 gang members were arrested during the president’s first months.

Made in the USA: President Trump signed the “Buy American and Hire American” executive order, prioritizing the interests of American businesses and workers.

Trump is not perfect, but he is for the U.S. and Americans. If you want to see his ideas succeed, vote Republicans for prosperity or the Dems will take it all back.

Wouldn’t you like your children and grandchildren to see how great America was and can continue to be?

Linda Bishop

rural Findlay



In light of the recent increase in rear-end car crashes, and cars simply driving off the road, it would behoove law enforcement to investigate texting and driving as a possible cause AND publish that in the newspaper. My husband was killed by a driver who was reading a text.

We all see it happening, so let’s start linking it to real life. In other words, let’s get our heads out of the sand.

Meg Ramlow




Former President Obama said recently that “the biggest threat to democracy is indifference.”

According to the web, indifference is a noun meaning lack of interest, concern or sympathy. When I wake up in the morning and listen to the news, I find myself shaking my head with a visceral response when attempting to make sense of our current world.

Sometimes, I feel as though I have entered a twilight zone consisting of unbelievable behaviors and delusional thinking by a man who is often called the leader of the free world.

As a former mental health adviser and advocate, I learn a lot from what people say, but even more from observing what people do. After almost two years in office, I see a man who came out of a dark, dysfunctional system of trauma, isolation, and anger. Yes, you heard me right. Our president is a walking, wounded warrior who is leading this country down a dangerous and self-destructive path. What is worse, he is doing it in plain sight for all the world to see. He believes what he says, therefore his messages can be intoxicating, especially to people who also feel disenfranchised and abandoned.

Well-intentioned people sometimes see our president as a powerful and decisive leader because he is getting things done.

I see a man who lacks insight, behaves as a bully, and one who becomes an ego-driven “Chicken Little,” running in circles shouting “The sky is falling.” He knows how to exploit our fears by telling us to be afraid of immigrants, people who don’t look like him, and especially be afraid of people who disagree with his opinions.

This list also includes the FBI, journalists, liberals, homosexuals, and transgender people serving in our armed forces.

We can no longer afford to be indifferent or careless with our votes. This is why I’m voting for Mike Galbraith, who is running for Congress in Ohio. We need common sense, critical thinking and civil discourse restored in our U.S. Congress.

Can I hear an “amen” from the Registered to Vote Choir?

Norma Davenport




In response to Jake Laird (letter, Oct. 11): Was he there 40 years ago?

I watched most of the Senate hearings on Justice Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford, and not at any time did any of these accusations come out. Dr. Ford couldn’t remember what happened for sure, where it happened and who was all there, yet she knew it was Brett Kavanaugh.

The four witnesses she submitted all claim that the incident didn’t happen, or else they weren’t even there.

Laird offers statements that have never been substantiated and is continuing the bad-mouthing of an innocent man. The last time I read the Constitution, a person is innocent until proven guilty, and there has been no evidence submitted to prove Justice Kavanaugh guilty.

I am an independent who voted for Obama (first term) and I find it disgusting the way our political system has fallen into name-calling and rumor spreading.

Hillary lost, grow up and get over it. We need to be working together as a nation, but the politicians are trying to divide us into good people (Democrats) and vile vermin (anyone who voted for Trump).

I served in the military because of the draft and found out what a great country we have. It just seems that most people just don’t appreciate what we have here.

So quit whining and let’s work together to make this the best place we can so that we can live in harmony. If you don’t like Trump, don’t vote for him, but don’t be spreading vile hatred for people that support OUR president.

Steve Carrel




I wrote a letter concerning Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh. It appeared on Viewpoint (Sept. 22). It was rather sarcastic, I admit, and was meant to be.

Recently a sensible woman, Judith Donaldson, wrote a letter (Oct. 8) and has been pounced on by the very folks that caused the problem in the first place — the liberal left, or those who believe the liberal-left propaganda. But, after all, Judith is expressing her opinion and I agree with much of what she said.

I have two points to make. First, I wish I had Jake Laird’s letter (Oct. 11) to print in my letter because we fiction writers need juicy material, as Jake’s second and third paragraphs exemplify. Of course, to know just how the rape he described happened, he must have been there.

Secondly, concerning this nonsense that “you all” complain about in Judith’s letter. It is a result of what you heard or read because none of it was ever proven.

Ralph Anderson