I’m all for a good education in a safe environment. But I don’t believe a 1.5-mill safety and security levy, Issue 5, is necessary.

A Sept. 11 article in The Courier stated that the school district ended the 2018 fiscal year with a carryover balance of about $9.48 million. How is that money being allocated?

On Oct. 9, it was reported the teachers’ contract approved in August includes a $500 payment to every teacher who attends one of the meetings being held to educate them about their new insurance coverage!

What? Unless the teachers who attend a meeting will incur $500 in expenses, giving them $500 is insane! If they want insurance, they shouldn’t have to be paid to learn about it!

Last, Mayor Lydia Mihalik has offered Findlay City Schools $350,000 a year for five years to hire resource officers. The offer is contingent upon passage of Issue 5, which would generate between $1.2 and $1.3 million a year. That money would be earmarked for added security measures and to increase the number of guidance counselors and counseling options for students.

So if Issue 5 passes, we aren’t just talking $1.2 to $1.3 million in taxpayer dollars for five years, but an additional $350K — which I presume is largely from taxpayer dollars. To my knowledge, property and income taxes are our community’s primary source of income.

Recap: The school district has $9.48 million due to a carryover balance; they get 85 to 90 percent of Findlay’s property taxes; and if Issue 5 passes, they’ll have another $1.5 million to play with in 2019 and for four years thereafter! When will it end?

Regarding safety, has the “Boot” project been completed? If so, why do we need to hire police officers?

Last: I’m told that students can now take their book bags into the classrooms. With all the violence and attacks in our country these days, including in our schools, is that safe? A gun, a knife, or even a bomb could easily be concealed in a book bag!

Vote no 0n Issue 5!

Judith Donaldson




In response to Don Iliff (letter, Oct. 15), I get what he is saying. But on the other hand, do you want your loved ones and yourself to be on the roads with 25 percent more people driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol, texting etc.?

Issue 1 deserves a “no” vote.

Linda Bishop





I live in Maumee. I, and many Courier readers are represented by the same U.S. congressman, Bob Latta. His opponent in November is Michael Galbraith.

Before voting in November a citizen should review Latta votes and compare them with Mr. Galbraith’s views. Latta has voted repeatedly to remove millions from access to health care and allow insurance companies to discriminate against persons with pre-existing medical conditions.

While gun violence continues across the country, Latta routinely votes against any gun control legislation. Latta has voted to bar the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases, and to bar greenhouse gases from Clean Air Act rules. Latta voted against enforcing limits on CO2 global warming pollution. Latta voted to remove the stream-protection rule from federal mining regulations. Ask the volunteers who worked 20 years to clean up Sunday Creek in southeast Ohio how they feel about that vote. Latta voted against tax credits for renewable electricity, against tax incentives for energy production and conservation, and against incentives for renewable energy.

Galbraith’s views are that our nation must focus on new, creative, clean and affordable ways to create energy and bring sustainable energy-related jobs to Ohio’s 5th District. Galbraith promises to advocate for strong environmental protections that are also fair to the small businesses and farmers in our district.

The choice should be clear: If you believe affordable health care without restrictions on pre-existing medical conditions should be a right, if you want common sense gun control measures, if you support measures that will reduce global warming, and if you see the need for promoting renewable energy production, vote for Michael Galbraith for Congress from the 5th District.

Steve Emerine





This is truly a sad, awful time for the U.S. Supreme Court. I’m going to take a line out of President Trump’s playbook. I think from the beginning of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation that the entire process was rigged and fixed.

Trump ordered the FBI to investigate the claims between Ford and Cavanaugh, but then only gave them three days to complete it. Investigators never talked to Ford or Kavanaugh and when all was said and done, Kavanaugh ends up getting the highest job in the land.

I don’t believe it is acceptable to allegedly sexually assault someone and still maintain a top job on the Supreme Court. Shame on the justice system.

I feel incredibly sorry for Christine Blasey Ford for what she is going to have to deal with and go through. She actually had the courage to come forward and tell what happened to her.

I don’t care if the sexual assault of Ford happened 40 years ago or two minutes ago. Kavanaugh should not have been sworn in.

In response to Mr. Richards (letter, Sept. 20) and Mr. Killebrew (Sept. 24) regarding me being ill-informed about switching parties from Republican to Democrat, they should know I’m as informed about this mess as I ever want to be.

They apparently are in complete denial of the Russia investigation, like some are still in denial about global warming. Russia did, in fact, compromise the 2016 election, and global warming does exist.

Richards and Killebrew are sadly mistaken on both counts.

And yes, I am changing parties from Republican to Democrat.

Mark Howard