Speechless is my reaction to the two letters from Deb Peterson (Saturday) and Tom Quarrie (Monday), both critical of the City Mission.

Hypocrisy has no limit from those who spew ultraconservatism hidden in religious bigotry. They’re complaining about the City Mission filling up with needy people too quickly.

Are you kidding me?

People want to ignore the fact that Findlay actually has a HUGE drug problem and homelessness. The City Mission services all types of people with all sorts of needs, mental health being only one from the list.

I don’t think Jesus would turn anyone away for any reason and especially not for being “slothful, lazy, drug-addicted, and living an irresponsible lifestyle” (which is code for LGBT), according to Peterson.

But some thought the idea of the ADAMHS board to purchase established homes to use as rehab facilities was a horrible idea and fought them at every step of the way.

The city prefers to issue permits to build super-fancy apartments for the elite but won’t provide incentives for building much-needed, very low-income dwellings for the most needy.

The old Argyle apartments that burned down should have been rebuilt to accommodate similar clientele since it’s centrally located for people who don’t have transportation, with food shopping and services nearby.

So when you have a ton of needy people due to the city not caring to step up and do something about it, it should be no surprise that the City Mission filled up its new beds in a snap.

How dare these holier-than-thou hypocrites chastise the only place in town that has compassion, especially at this sacred time of year?

Shame, shame, shame!

Salena Maazaoui




Three cheers for Jake Laird, whose excellent letter (Dec. 4) supporting the City Mission points to the obvious need for such a service and the appropriateness for the City of Findlay to support that service.

My wife and I are sending a contribution to the City Mission in honor of Mr. Laird.

Dave Ferguson




Around 9:30 a.m. Nov. 29, I noticed that an ODOT salt truck driver had backed his truck into the ditch on Ohio 568 (East Sandusky Street).

The truck was unable to get out of the ditch without a tow truck.

I would like to know if the driver was issued a ticket for failure to control, or if you work for the state, county, or city, and you put your car or truck in a ditch, if you are above the law?

Clifton Baxter