I had the occasion to call 911 Wednesday night, telling dispatch I smelled smoke in my laundry room while doing a load of wash.

The person answering the phone was very calm and told me to get my car out of the garage and wait outside.

Within very few minutes the big red truck showed up, flashing lights and all. I was so glad to see them.

These people that come to us when we need help are a real blessing and I wonder if they know how safe it makes us feel when they show up.

I am taking this opportunity to openly thank them for their excellent work.

They would not leave my house until they checked every possibility of there being a hidden fire in the walls, attic and crawl space. They even looked into the outlet where the washing machine was plugged.

As they were about to leave they even offered to wring the wet clothes out for me. Now, that’s dedication.

Thankfully, I had friends that I called as soon as these wonderful firefighters left.

What a gift from God to have friends to call and those people in their yellow gear coming out of that big red truck!

Marie Pardi




Breaking news! Democrats love Republicans! At least, when they’re dead.

I find it despicable and disgusting how the liberal left-wing media viciously and relentlessly attacked President George H.W. Bush when he was alive and, now that he’s dead, he’s being portrayed as the humble war hero and lifelong public servant that he truly was.

Then they use his death as a vehicle to malign and degrade the current president.

It’s further proof that these people’s hypocrisy and depravity knows no bounds.

James Smith

North Baltimore



I read Jake Laird’s letter (Dec. 4) and I’d say he hit the proverbial nail smack on the head.

However, I am afraid his words will fall on deaf ears, as Deborah Peterson and her Republican born-again ilk have been spreading their judgmental “the Bible says” stuff wrapped up as Christian love for years.

Shucks, I can hardly wait for The Courier to print its New Year’s baby pictures. Last year, Peterson had several wonderful letters on the sanctity of holy matrimony, even if the ordainment was performed by a resident Canadian goose.

Jim Brant




All that I’ll say in response to Deborah Peterson’s rebuttal (Dec. 6) to my letter (Dec. 4), is that if verbally berating a homeless man for failing to totally turn his life around in an amount of time Ms. Peterson deemed acceptable is what she classifies as “love,” it’s no wonder the world is such a hateful place today.

Jake Laird