OK, somebody has to ask the question: What’s the real reason the Democrat Party is so opposed to the construction of a border wall?

A wall would help keep illegal immigration under control, which would in turn (1) prevent illegal aliens (IAs) from taking jobs that would otherwise be filled by United States citizens; (2) keep IAs from receiving undeserved financial benefits paid for by U.S. citizens; (3) cut down on the volume of illegal drugs that many IAs bring into our country; and although it’s too late for the California police officer who was recently murdered by an illegal alien during a traffic stop (4) help keep U.S. citizens safer.

Perhaps members of the Democratic Party don’t care whether U.S. citizens are safe?

But more likely it has to do with studies done during the past few years which showed that Americans of Hispanic heritage generally vote Democratic, as do Asian-Americans.

But wait, there’s more: A study conducted by the Center for Immigration Studies found that 62 percent of foreign-born, naturalized citizens identified as Democrats while only 25 percent considered themselves Republicans.

Of course, things can always change, but I suspect the Democratic Party is counting on these statistics to hold for now.

At any rate, contrary to what the Democrats are claiming, their adversity can’t possibly be cost-related since most politicians have absolutely no problem flushing taxpayer dollars down the toilet.

Judith Donaldson




I’m not sure what news Larry Richards (letter, Jan. 2) believes other than Fox and Trump’s distortion of reality.

The Bible is a source for many of my beliefs. My beliefs are based on reason and discernment of right and wrong. I served as a lay pastor and study the Old and New Testaments. I studied the New Testament in the original Greek language and translated the Book of Revelation from Greek to English.

Trump stands against everything Jesus and the Bible teaches me.

It is hard to take Trump supporters seriously who deny reality and trust Trump’s view rather than the media, including The Courier, American values and our nation of laws. Trump is the subject of several federal and state investigations.

Reality is Trump committing adultery during three marriages. He committed adultery while Melania Trump was caring for their child.

Trump mocks the disabled, bragged about assaulting women, as well as, degrading immigrants and others, calling them vulgar names.

He insults generals who sacrificed their lives and limbs defending our country. Trump insults allies and praises Russia and dictators.

Trump stole from his charity resulting in the court shutting it down. He lied about Mexico paying for the wall.

Like a dictator, Trump tries to discredit democratic institutions, the media, federal law enforcement and the federal judiciary. A free press is the first enemy of Trump. For his followers, Trump is the only truth.

Liberals want a free press. Liberals want to protect our borders. Most Americans support ways to protect our border other than an expensive useless wall. Liberals aren’t soft on crime. It is Trump who disparages, the courts, The FBI and the Department of Justice.

Liberals want fair wages for the working classes and the rich paying their fair share. Liberals want families to stay together. Liberals want common sense gun laws. Liberals what equality for all regardless, of race, religion, income or gender.

These are some of the things liberals are proud to fight for.

Don Iliff




The two other men mentioned in the January 2 letter from Patrick J. Feehan, were Tryone Woods and Glenn Doherty. There was also a man who died with Chris Stevens, Sean Smith.

They weren’t supposed to be in Benghazi, right? It was a classified mission.

When the mortar and gun fire erupted, I could feel the sheer abandonment of those people, they radioed for help. People, Americans, were going to die.

No one came. When sunrise came, help finally arrived.

These were brave Americans only to be left on their own. Only until money was paid to help, did it come — 13 hours too late.

The men were there to help liberate the Libyan people and maybe find weapsons.

Thanks, Hillary!

Carrie Thomas Miller




Back in January of 2016, I started cutting out some letters from the Readers’ Views and magic taping them in a red college-ruled, wire-bound 70-page notebook.

Needless to say, I am now on my second red book.

The only reason I mention the books is due to the fact that the first letter in the 2016 book is “What’s wrong with Carly?” published Jan. 23, 2016 by Barbara Rice. I also have Barbara’s last letter “God will have a wall, too” (March 2, 2018).

Barb and I have crossed lead many times over the years as we didn’t always agree on some stuff.

An exception was the time her dog, Spot, pointed the wrong way, and Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot that lawyer fellow instead of the bird.

Back on Aug. 29, 2016, Barb wrote a letter titled “There is never an excuse not to vote.”

Well Barbara J. Rice, even an old liberal like me has to agree with that, but I got to go, Barb. I have something in my eye and I can’t see too good right now.

Jim Brant McComb