As I attended the funeral services for Patrolman Doug Akers on Tuesday, I could not remember when last I had seen so many gallant men in blue, or so many tears, in one place.

Doug was recognized as a man who was dedicated to serving and protecting his fellow man, and as someone who did so with interest and compassion. He was remembered as a devoted husband, father, and grandfather, who provided guidance and unlimited affection to his loved ones and those around him. The love and respect that Doug’s family, fellow officers and friends had for him was made manifest time and time again during the dignified ceremony.

The respect that the citizens of Findlay had for Doug was likewise made manifest during the processional from the church where his funeral was held through the thoroughfares of the city.

On every street there were people, the people that Doug had sworn to protect and serve, standing in line along the curb with their heads bowed in a show of respect and esteem for their police officer. I particularly noticed that every employee of Wilson’s Sandwich Shop stood attentively in front of the restaurant as Doug’s procession passed by.

Every, and I do mean every, other vehicle along the way was stopped, and downtown Findlay was at a virtual standstill except for those in the procession that followed Doug. It was truly a heart-rending show of respect for a man who was deserving. Thank you citizens of Findlay.

I bid my friend “Duggie Wuggie” farewell, and I am sad because I have indeed lost a dear friend whom I cared for. I already miss seeing his smile, his smirk, and the mischievous gleam in his eye.

Peace to you friend Doug, and I sincerely hope that you have found the peace which you so richly deserve.

Kelton K. Smith




The female Michigan Democrat who spewed out the big “motherf-er” in public is a disgraceful, so-called politician. And people think President Trump is using bad language. Ha!

This so-called lady dropped these inflammatory words from her diplomatic mouth in public so that God and all the public could hear it (including children).

Where in the world is the renowned Rev. Sharpton now with all of this inflammatory discourse?

He should be washing her disgusting unlady-like mouth out with lava soap and also include Maxine Walters. Are these two so-called ladies related?

Beware. These types of remarks might be a sign of things to come from the Democratic Party. So sad and scary.

W. Bennett




Jim Gould’s question (letter, Jan. 9) about the debt is a good one.

It is, however, necessary to go deeper. Ask the question, to whom exactly do we owe this debt, and why?

Mark Haas




Spot on, Don Kinn (letter, Jan. 9), Why The Rush To Vacate?

I couldn’t have said it better myself. November will be here before we know it. Drain the swamp.

Janet Quarrie