In 2008, when the economy tanked under George W. Bush, I lost my job and waited over a month for an unemployment check. In the meantime, I had to drain my 401(k) in order to survive.

Now I try to survive on a meager Social Security check and $15 a month in food stamps.

Therefore, please excuse me if I sound unsympathetic when I see the government worker on TV grumble about going two weeks without a paycheck and now doesn’t know how he’s going to make his mortgage payment or his truck payment.

Or, the farmer who is complaining because he doesn’t know how he is going to survive without his government subsidy, while standing in front of his $450,000 John Deere combine and his $50,000 International tractor.

What infuriates me, and what they need to realize, is the fact that the Democrats are holding Americans hostage with their denial of the importance of a wall for border security while I’m standing in line at Job and Family Services for my $15 a month in food stamps and the guy in front of me needs an interpreter because he can’t speak English.

The absurdity of it all is overwhelming, and to the people who like to interject religion into the conversation, just remember, the Vatican has a huge wall around it and so does Israel, which, by the way, are very effective.

James Smith North Baltimore


Larry Richards (letter, Jan. 9) proves conservatives can’t be taken seriously.

Richards states, “With no desire to disparage Don’s credentials, it is necessary to point out there is a significant difference between Bible “head knowledge” and Bible “heart knowledge.”

On the other hand, Richards states that “only God knows the ‘human heart.'” Which is it? Richards is judging my “heart knowledge” and yet he states that only God knows the “human heart.”

I assume Richards’ religion teaches him that he is God, or he is suffering from a God complex, or he suffering from a delusion that he is God, or he is just plain confused.

Humpty Trumpy, the Orange Cheeto, will have a great fall from his wall. Satan has had a long time to refine his appeal to both men and angels. Oh, how the Trumpster and his Satanic disguise as a wolf in sheep’s clothing appeals to conservatives.

What is missing in Richards’ letter is the Constitution and the rule of law. Liberals believe in constitutional rights and the freedom of religion and freedom from religion.

According to the Supreme Court, abortion is legal up to a certain time period of the fetus, gay rights are constitutional rights, and gender identity is a constitutional right.

Americans can’t pick and choose what constitutional rights to follow and what constitutional rights to ignore.

Don Iliff