The political landscape of this country is similar to a kaleidoscope. From one day to the next it is difficult to determine exactly where the country is heading.

Trump and his swamp creatures are bad enough with their revolving employment door. And then we have Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who is trying to identify with Trump by giving false and misleading information one right after another, and yet wants to be remembered as being transparent and honest.

Hello, is there anybody in the White House who has any integrity? Come on, stand up and be counted!

Couple the above with Russia, China and other countries who it seems would rather see the USA dead in the water.

Can we still count on the countries that have been our world partners? Where is the strong leadership the USA sorely needs? Republicans? Democrats? Independent candidates? Others? Our family Shih Tzu (Doodle-bug)?

I’m going to veer off the above topics and ask the reader to observe the following:

The next time Trump meets with Russia’s leadership, observe the nonverbal communication. Watch the two leaders as they position themselves, shake hands and get so close that I just want to say, “OK, give each other a great big hug so we can move on.”

Carol Prater




Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave an important and newsworthy speech at the American University in Cairo, Egypt on Thursday, Jan. 10.

The secretary covered many topics that relate to America’s partnerships in the Middle East. He stated that America is a force for good in the region.

That truth impacts our choices today, which have consequences for nations, millions of people, our safety, our economic prosperity, our personal freedom, and freedom for our children.

The Obama administration portrayed America as a force for what ails the Middle East, resulting in the abandonment of its partners and a huge cash handout to the evil Iranian regime.

That handout and the lifting of sanctions on Iran resulted in the strengthening of ISIS and Iran’s subsidiary, Hezbollah in Iran, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon.

Also, 130,000 rockets and missiles were accumulated, with many positioned in Lebanon pointed at Israel.

Secretary Pompeo stated that America has always been and will always be a liberating force, not an occupying power. Today, 99 percent of the territory ISIS once held is liberated, thanks to the American military and its allies.

The Trump administration is focused on coalition building, security in the region from Iran, and Israel’s right to defend itself.

The full text of Pompeo’s encouraging speech can be found at www.state.gov. God bless him and our American military!

Jeff McGlade




I have a question for Don Iliff:

Does the hatred you appear to have for others (as evidenced by most of your letters to the editor) keep you awake at night?

Charles Donaldson