After reading Tuesday’s letters, it’s time to voice my opinion. If I don’t believe in the same things as recent letter writers, then I must be a liberal.

Liberal is no more a bad thing then being ultraconservative. At least people leaning left seem less likely to be spreading hate or controlling people’s freedoms. I like to think in this country there are more people in the middle than extremists.

Many of us might lean either way depending on the issue, but keep opinions to ourselves. It’s time for moderates to lead the USA away from extreme views on both sides. It seems the extreme evangelical are more vocal and emotional and at times not on the side of truth.

I believe in freedoms that some people want to take away due to religious beliefs. That is not the main problem with recent letters. It’s opinion not based on facts.

I may be liberal, but I believe in truth and not twisted half-truths spread by certain “entertainers” pretending to be news. I’m not happy with drugs ruining so many people.

Saying drugs coming from China enter through the southern border is not the whole story. Most of the hard drugs travel via ports of entry. Some by land via Mexico and Canada by way of border crossings, but many come in via East and West Coast seaports.

It’s not the vast open spaces along the border. Not an easy way to smuggle large supplies of drugs. I’m guessing Rush won’t tell you that. Or the fact that drug dealers use the U.S. mail to supply people with all kinds of poison.

We do need border security, but not a wall from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. A barrier in some places might work best but be overkill in some areas and not effective.

Technology and manpower make more sense. We also really need to do something about the demand. Legal cannabis would lessen the demand for opioids and channel money to useful causes and not drug traffickers.

Larry Walker





Well, after an epic struggle, the “wall” is finally constructed. It’s been so popular that all of the USA is now completely surrounded by a totally impregnable wall. No one in and no one out.

It is almost illegal to even look at the wall. Special government tours are provided to those who wish to view the wall.

Because of the popularity of these walls, there has been created a new Cabinet-level position which deals specifically with new wall needs and requests. Some states have taken the lead on this and are beginning construction. There are also some cities that have been given priority to begin wall construction. Larger cities may be given priority to “wall off” certain parts of their city. These wall-offs need special permission of the City Wall Board.

Wall enthusiasm is electric!

Jack Volkmer