In a recent Time magazine article, Sen. Susan Collins opined, “We’ve seen a coarsening of conversation, a lack of dialogue and an absence of respect for those who disagree with us. Instead, there’s now vehement ill will toward people who simply have a different viewpoint on an issue.”

Is it really simply differing viewpoints that cause this “vehement ill will?”

Is there really room for debate on some of these issues? How do you debate foul language vs. appropriate language? How do you debate racism vs. tolerance and acceptance?

How do you debate taxpayer funding of a $5.7 billion wall that doesn’t solve folks flying/driving in and overstaying visas, and drugs coming in through ports of entry, vs. using new technology and adding additional staff in various border functions?

How do you debate deregulation of oil and coal vs. increased pollution of our air and water? How do you debate deregulation of investment banks vs. preventing the next financial crisis?

How do you debate voter suppression/ gerrymandering vs. citizens’ rights to a fair and free election? How do you debate the undemocratic Electoral College vs. the democratic one person/one vote?

How do you debate expensive insurance company health care vs. single-payer for every citizen, eliminating the extortive middleman? How do you support a lying Russian asset in the White House vs. a real president who puts country over self and party? Or climate change vs. discrete weather events? How do you debate lies vs. truths?

These issues and others are not debatable. There are not two reasoning sides, both of which a person can rationally defend.

The “ill will” is for the Trump supporters whose minds cannot be changed by anyone, regardless of one’s depth of knowledge and perseverance in discussion.

How does one have conversation, dialogue, and respect for folks whose notions are ill conceived, mistaken, or flat-out wrong?

Karen L. Minto

Mount Cory



What the heck? Where have all the men gone?

Aren’t there any men in Findlay with the courage to serve as mayor?

Ruth G. Thomas

Mount Blanchard



As bad as the weather was for all of us last week, the mail was delivered, as was delivery of my Courier. And on time.

These folks really deserve applause.

June Schwarz