This is not to shame women who have had abortions and later regretted it, but to possibly prevent more women from experiencing the same tragedy.

Regarding Naomi Cherry’s letter (Feb. 6), an unwanted pregnancy is not “involuntary servitude.” This is not the world of “The Handmaid’s Tale” or “The Giver” where some women have a literal career of forced reproduction.

Only rape victims (including domestic rape) had no choice in the matter. All others voluntarily engaged in actions which they knew could result in pregnancy.

Exercising a freedom causes some degree of loss of that freedom. In economics, this principle is called “opportunity cost.” I have the freedom to spend a dollar in my pocket on a lottery ticket. But once I spend it — once I have exercised my freedom — I no longer have the freedom to spend that dollar.

Likewise, a man exercising his freedom of speech has forfeited the freedom to remain silent.

People exercise their reproductive freedom through voluntary sex. But they cannot “undo” sex, or the consequences thereof, any more than I can get my dollar back, or a fool can take back his words. An unraped woman with an “unwanted pregnancy” anted up her freedom to have an unoccupied uterus and lost the bet.

Consequentially, she has enslaved herself to her child — not pro-life supporters, as Cherry asserts — for a period of nine months, after which time she can sign away that child to a loving family, or to the state, and go her way.

Or, she can just have an abortion to miraculously “undo” her exercise of her reproductive freedom; whereby there will be no further time or financial cost to her and no more physical or emotional discomfort (lies!) — all for the low, low price of innocent blood on her hands. What a deal!

My wife and I are licensed to foster/adopt through Hancock Children Services. We’ve fostered, but no opportunity to adopt has yet presented.

We often wonder if a child who could have been resting safely in our arms was dismembered and suctioned out instead.

Grant Johnson




Racism is used by the left, not by definition, but because it just sounds nice. The left has a long history of racism with plenty of proof.

Tolerance and acceptance should be practiced by the Democrats who promote violence from the Senate level to the street.

Let’s debate the $150 billion donated to the terrorist country of Iran versus protecting our country from all the terrorists that blossomed from that investment.

The wall is not 100 percent effective by itself, but will provide security, save lives and reduce violence from the other side. Women are raped along the way, and many children fall victims to human trafficking.

Accusations of dirty air and water is from page one of the Democrats’ old playbook of socialism. There have been catastrophic storms since the beginning of time, not just when a Republican is president.

Karen Minto’s (letter, Feb. 6) financial crisis is actually a socialism crisis. This month alone, there were 304,000 jobs added, making it one hundred straight weeks of job growth.

Her one person/one vote reference is actually a Republican idea, thanks for pointing that out. Many Democrats were caught voting more than once, some 10 times, and let’s not forget about Broward County.

Socialized health care would cost $32 trillion. It has failed to work in all 40 countries that tried it.

After over two years, the Mueller witchhunt has no Russian collusion on Trump, but yet there is video evidence of Hillary and Obama colluding with Russia.

Trump asked for zero pay as president and subjected himself and his family to the badgering of the left because he loves this country. He has made America great again because of his dedication.

The compassion the Democrats have for humanity is raveled in their pushing the law that kills humans.

Dennis Wright

Mount Blanchard



To paraphrase the “church lady” from the Saturday Night Live show of some years back, and to William Killian’s Feb. 1 letter, phony Republican concern for my letter writing bona fides, or the lack thereof, I say: “Isn’t that special.”

Now, of course, the Mulligan Man did not step from Air Force One onto the tee at Mar-a-Lago all of the 166 times he has played golf in less than two years. In fact, I stand in awe of the bravery our president has shown in spite of excruciating pain he had to endure from those dreadful bone spurs.

No doubt Trump could hardly wait to reach the 19th green, where his two liters of cola and his size 22 flip-flops awaited.

Alas, the money we taxpayers saved on the golf trips, we damn sure lost on the plethora of midterm “lock her up!” rallies that cost his worship 40 seats in the House.

Jim Brant