Conservative principles work! Beginning with Ronald Reagan (1981) and continuing with George W. Bush and the protection of the unborn, Republicans have promoted a responsible agenda for taxes, health, the Bill of Rights and national defense.

Keeping the bureaucracy of the government from interfering with we the people and our freedom is the paramount focus of what a conservative agenda is all about.

President Trump has followed conservative ideas and has been excellent at reversing overregulation. But these are conservative ideas. Trump, as of 2008, said that “Hillary would make a great president” — before he decided she was crooked.

As a Republican, however, I will not vote for President Trump in 2020. Trump lied to Republicans in 2016 when he said “Mexico will pay for it!” (the wall). Now he is prepared to declare a national emergency.

This is why the tea party opposed President Obama, because of excessive use of executive order to bypass Congress.

I cannot support negotiations with Taliban terrorists. Wars are won by force on the ground.

Anyone who wants to trust a “talk” with the Taliban can remember that we tried to talk to them — on Flight 93, the day of the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

Brandon Dugger




On a recent trip to Panama, Costa Rica, and Cartagena, Colombia, we were amazed to learn from our tour guides that we were not to give children who surrounded us money because they wanted them to learn to work and not take handouts.

Costa Rica, a fairly well-to-do country, says immigrants are welcome to come legally for work but not for handouts, so they do not have an illegal immigrant problem. In the U.S., we set up sanctuary cities and states.

The majority of Americans don’t realize how much power and money the Democrats make off illegal immigrants in our country, even without voter fraud. They get loads of money from the federal government by including their numbers as part of the U.S. census. For every 770,000 illegals in Democrat-controlled areas, they get a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Do the Democrats really care about you and the poor illegals or just your vote, money, and power the illegals bring to them?

The Dems have found a legal way to get money and seats in Congress without having to rig elections, and all at taxpayer expense (around $88,359,492 a day), according to One America News. The Democrats need these law-breaking illegals because 60 million children have been aborted, and probably mostly by liberals, hence the need for replacement voters.

The Republicans had two years to get a wall/fence and did nothing, so what is the real reason? Could it be that both parties want to push their globalist one-world government on unsuspecting citizens through this ruse?

Linda Bishop





A recent letter to this page states that we cannot debate lies vs. truth. The presumption is that she has all the political truth on her side and that the opposition is promulgating a pack of lies.

I suggest otherwise.

She criticizes the border wall proposal as an incomplete solution. In fact, it is being presented as a major component of border security, not a cure-all. So exactly where is the lie? Then the writer states that the Electoral College is undemocratic. She should be reminded that we live in a representative republic.

Our form of government is not a democracy where mob rule can easily become the norm. Our founders wisely foresaw the possibility that large cities could come to dominate the politics of the entire nation. Those of us who support this position are not deplorable liars, we simply disagree.

Further, I marvel at the reference to our president as a “lying Russian asset.”

It is a great puzzlement how this writer sees her rhetoric as promoting reasonable debate. Debate does not begin by the lefties listing all the current issues that they consider non-debatable and classifying their opposition as liars.

Honest debate of issues can quickly lead to solutions. Agenda-driven talk, revenge politics and power grabbing just drives us all deeper into the swamp.

Tom Quarrie