Mike Hocanson (letter, Feb. 7) was doing so good and I was right there with him, until his very last sentence: Reducing ones taxes is not “giving the wealthy more money.”

Yes, technically, they have more money when they are taxed less. But wasn’t it already their money to begin with? The government taking less of someone’s money is not the same as giving them money.

This is the linguistic pot-high (feel good) that most politicians use to rally the masses against those greedy rich people. They all seem to love pitting one group against another for the sake of their re-election.

If we really want to make this country great again, we need to really dig down deep into the root cause of our problems. Where are the journalists digging into stories to uncover the balance and truth? Our media seems content simply repeating the talking points of some newly elected occasional-cortex politician.

I don’t have a problem with capitalism or anyone being rich, if you’ve earned it. Why smear capitalism when the true bogeyman is crony capitalism. Crony capitalism is rampant in every level of our governments.

The government has no business picking winners and losers. Free handouts to business in the form of tax cuts, zero/low interest loans, grants, etc., are all forms of picking winners and losers. The government basically is saying “we want to see you succeed,” so we are going to give you a break.

But what about all of the other businesses that don’t get that tax break or benefit? Who makes up for the extra tax base lost when our politicians decide to change the rules for a select few?

One notable example: in 2008, AIG, was bailed out with $85 billion in taxpayer dollars. His money went straight to Goldman Sachs to pay insurance on their toxic credit default swaps. Who was the treasury secretary that orchestrated the deal? An ex-Goldman Sachs executive.

Jim Gould




A strong case can be made that our increased polarization is directly related to the lack of common news sources, as newspaper circulation has steadily declined.

A quality newspaper, like our Courier, which is edited to sort news from opinion, helps connect all of us to the same news source and exposes us to views other than our own.

We are provided a blend of serious news, diverse commentary opinions, and lighter reading in the funnies to help relieve of us from too much solemnity today, on all matters large and small.

On Feb. 7, The Courier Viewpoint page provided a classic example of diverse opinions in the dueling commentaries from a Republican Mark Thiessen and Democrat E.J. Dionne on the president’s state of the union message.

Mark was supportive of the president’s comments which included bi-partisan and centrist words on unity. E.J.’s was focused more on the tone of the words, not the words themselves.

Both matter, especially tone, when it changes the meaning of words, as in those tweets, which routinely divide us more than connect us.

As Tom Quarrie (letter, Feb. 9) discussed, we need to debate issues and policies, not ideology.

Yes, I agree, we are a republic, and also an American democratic republic, to protect the majority rights of a democracy, and the minority rights of a republic. Both matter.

The funnies, in contrast to the State of the Union talk, provide welcome relief from the heaviness of dailyness we experience at times, with characters who also can struggle mightily with the human condition.

For example, Charlie Brown has to keep dealing with adult type challenges, without adult supervision, in desperately paying for advice from Lucy as a last resort. That backfires time and again.

We can all relate, when married, to Pickles and his wife, as they struggle with the Murphy’s Law of Marriage, and the problems which arise when living on Crankshaft’s bus route, where he routinely knocks over mail boxes.

The cartoons are reminders of our own foibles when declaiming our certainties, on a horse too high.

Tom Murphy




I was in Brinkman’s in Findlay doing my usual Saturday shopping. The cashier was a teenage girl.

There was an elderly gentleman at the head of the line who must have had on a military ball cap. As she rang up his items, she said to him, as she stuck out her hand to shake his: “Thank you sir for your service.”

In a society where the elderly get overlooked very often, this young girl made it a point to single him out, shake his hand.

If she didn’t make his day, she certainly made mine.

Kathy Abbott




How disheartening it was to watch the “women in white” at the State of the Union address remain seated while others stood in support of President Trump’s resolve to end the horrible practice of late-term abortion.

Were they mesmerized and blindly led by the lead “women in white,” Nancy Pelosi?

How sad to see women who were designed by God to nurture children instead turn their backs on helpless, innocent babies.

What if the mothers of these women had decided to abort them because it wasn’t “convenient” to bring them safely into the world?

What kind of people have we, as a nation, elevated to positions of authority?

Pro-choice proponents will often use the term, “safe abortion.” What is safe about a process in which someone dies?

I am thankful for those who stood that evening, willing to protect the precious lives of the unborn. Please pray that the eyes of the others will be opened and that their hearts will be changed.

Carla Morse




Oh my gosh!

With all the horrible things that go on in our world, we’re actually concerned about men having painted their faces black in the 1980s?

That’s nearly forty years ago … get over it!

Can anyone reading this letter honestly say that you didn’t do something more than three whole decades ago that you wouldn’t even consider doing now?

Politicians, reporters, actors, and activists routinely blow things out of proportion in order to keep themselves in the spotlight.

Unfortunately, they’ve cried “FOUL” so often that most people can no longer distinguish between what really matters and what doesn’t!

And although many of you may disagree with me, men wearing blackface more than 30 years ago shouldn’t matter now unless those men have continued to exhibit racist behaviors and beliefs!

So, let’s move on.

Judith Donaldson