We received a phone call from friends in Texas. They said, “Ohioans have no idea what border states have dealt with for 40-plus years at the hands of people illegally crossing our borders; i.e., tens of millions of dollars in property damage, home invasions, livestock slaughter, assaults, stealing, extreme littering including human waste.

“We also deal with human traffickers, drug smugglers and MS-13 gang members. Hospitals are being overcrowded at a huge cost to taxpayers. In some cases, illegals receive treatment before U.S. citizens.

“The truth of the situation at the border is not being reported. Illegals aren’t vaccinated and most of them suffer from chronic bacterial dysentery which is caused from unclean water and poor hygiene and is contagious.”

Our friends said hospitals are struggling to deal with diseases which have been eliminated in the U.S. (polio, TB, diphtheria, etc.).

The noncriminals who are illegally entering our country are coming for jobs and the money they can earn, most of which will be sent back home. Assimilation is not in their vocabulary. Instead, they will be increasing the shadowy subculture which drains our economic resources.

The U.S. gives millions of dollars in foreign aid to these countries. Our government should demand this money be used to benefit the citizens, thereby making them less inclined to come here.

We need to seek out the truth. Go to our government’s website, Homeland Security and Department of Justice, and the nonpartisan website, www.numbersusa.com, to find information on terrorists, drugs, human traffickers, gangs, etc., all coming across our southern border. Statistics about DACA can be found at www.fairus.org.

Since 2012, 900,000 children have been presented at our southern border accompanied by someone other than a family member. They came with human traffickers, drug dealers or cartel members.

Declaring compassion for foreign children while ignoring the 14 million American children who go to bed every night hungry or the 18 million American children who are in foster care, is disturbing. We have a responsibility to take care of our own.

Sharron Hillabrand




I was having dinner recently with my daughter at a local Irish pub, when I was verbally accosted by a former teaching colleague and friend, and told that my opinions related on this page were “stupid.”

My initial thought was: “Gee, What is this? I’m not an administration official having dinner in a Virginia restaurant.”

When I composed myself, I said in effect, “No matter, many people don’t agree with you,” upon which, I wheeled and left his eminence.

I reflected, what does this fellow’s ramrod word, “stupid,” really mean?

I had previously compared former Gov. John Kasich to a wimpy coach telling his team to go out there and give the team a draw, because Kasich advocates a “zero sum game” by negotiating with political opponents … where, in my opinion, precious civil liberties would be lost to the host of lunatic radical socialists and communists in the Democratic Party. The old days of “the loyal opposition” are long gone.

I advocated in that letter, and still do, the total political destruction of the radical left.

So, what is “stupid”?

A Green New Deal where all non-electric cars and air travel is to be banned in 10 years? From where is electricity to emanate in the future?


Sexual harassment among Old Dominion Democrats?

No walls to protect national sovereignty?

Bezos’ photos?

Guaranteed national income even if one does not want to work? Where is the money to come from? If the wealth of all millionaires and billionaires in the U.S. were confiscated, let alone taxed, it would run the current federal budget for only about two months. Do the math.

No firearms to protect our families and ourselves?

Humm. Isn’t “stupid” self evident? Guess not, if one is stupid.

I’ll stick with the president, despite Kasich and my former friend, and side with the 52 percent that support him in the most recent Rasmussen poll.

Michael Janton




In regard to Don Iliff (letter, Feb. 12), was he this critical of Obama when he spent $100 million on a one-week trip to Africa to discover his family’s “roots” in June 2013? This trip included up to 56 government support vehicles. https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/305647-white-house-obamas-100m-africa-trip-great-bang-for-our-buck

Trump travels inside the U.S., has donated every paycheck back to the federal government in some manner, and never adhered to Obama’s economic forecast that “1.9 percent GDP growth is the new normal.”

The 2020 election will be about the economy. From the old adage, “It’s the economy stupid” — not about who took the most vacations or how much it cost.

Let the chips fall where they may.

Craig Nichols