The state of Ohio has a problem with deteriorating roads. One factor is declining revenue from the per-gallon gasoline tax. This is due in part to people driving more fuel-efficient vehicles and electric vehicles. They are still putting the miles and wear on the roads, but are buying less, or no, fuel.

Virtually every person in Ohio buys food, clothing, appliances, etc. If you look around your home, most everything you see was delivered or transported by truck or car. Trucks and cars that drive the roads, highways and bridges of Ohio. So, every person in Ohio benefits from quality roads.

I suggest that the Ohio Legislature enact an addition of one-quarter of 1 percent to the state sales tax that is specifically earmarked for roads, highways and bridges. The revenue from this tax should not be allowed to be used for any purpose other than roads, highways and bridges.

Taxes may not be popular, but paying a repair bill for ruined tires and/or suspensions is much less so.

Larry Grove




Each day, hundreds or perhaps thousands of the citizens of our country, born since 1930 or even before, are found on the obituary page.

Also, every day approximately 2,500 future citizens of our once-great country are prevented from having the right to become citizens due to abortion. Also, many of our fine young people are borrowing tens of thousands of dollars to become, not educated, but systematically indoctrinated to become absolutely useless as citizens.

Additionally, there are millions of citizens who are conservatively motivated who don’t even know or care about the absolutely sad state of affairs our country has become.

Total all these groups and we lose many good and potential citizens each day!

Of course, you ask, why do I worry? I’ll try to tell you. I see in the Feb. 7 edition of the Courier, on page 7, where about one-fourth of the page concerns anti-Trump, anti-abortion, Associated Press propaganda.

I found myself mentioned quite often.

First, I’m white, (2) I’m conservative, (3) I’m evangelical, (4) I’m Christian, (5) I approve of the job Trump is doing, (6) I’m anti-abortion and (7) I’m a male. In other words, as far as I’m concerned, in the minds of liberally indoctrinated, anti-Trump people, I’m terrible.

I must also mention a letter on the Viewpoint page written by Anesa Miller. It was another example of how news is not news, but propaganda.

Our Mexican border has been under attack for years by, until recently, mostly Mexicans and more recently by South Americans. Anesa, if many thousands of those illegals were sent to Bowling Green, you’d change your mind fast.

If Trump would prevent them from entering the U.S., things would change fast for the betterment of our country.

Ralph Anderson




The orchestra program is truly one of the gems of the Findlay City School system.

The All-City Orchestra Festival on Feb. 12 highlighted 225 student musicians in seven grade levels. This annual concert illustrates how students grow from middle school beginners into members of the accomplished Findlay High School Symphony Orchestra.

The dedication of the directors is evident in their efforts to not only teach these kids how to play an instrument, but also to enhance their musical education through collaborations with professional symphony organizations.

As we listened to the concert, we commented how lucky we are to be part of the FCS string family for the last 12 years (and counting!). Our community can be proud of the many diverse musical offerings FCS provides for the students.

Jenne and Mike Cairns