This letter addresses the “social media frenzy” that occurred with the shutting down of G.I.B.S. LLC last week.

We tried to sell the company to a national company to no avail. We went to the local larger companies; again, no luck.

While approaching the local “mom and pop” companies to sell small parts of the whole, the social internet groupies started rumors that spread like a forest fire fed by 50 mph wind gusts.

We had a (trash hauling) route that was to be sold. The new suitor wanted a test drive. Having verbal agreements to assure that residents would be satisfied, we teamed up, swapping personal and packer trucks to guarantee that residents would be serviced.

The association canceled their contract immediately, in effect severing the recycling side of the contract. G.I.B.S. had agreed to complete the recycling program as part of the sale between companies. Because a different colored truck was picking up trash, the rumor mill started. G.I.B.S. took great lengths to find a replacement, satisfy our commitments, yet got burnt!

We mailed out over $48,000 of past-due accounts in February for two billing cycles. But the rumor flames grew that billing was sent out for payment. Not true, as these bills were for services rendered.

We have over $7,000 in refund payments going out, but the water truck was overrun with flames.

We had routes sold, yet the flames just kept spreading and those who were there to help contain the fires fled. We have had haulers make promises to us, but their fire gear was not heavy enough, and they were lost to the flames.

We had attorneys directing the closure, but the winds changed, and we were overcome with a fire tornado.

Like any scorched land after a forest fire, new growth will come. Smoldering hot spots may need to be doused. Some trees may need to be planted. But nutrients are returned to soil. Forest restoration will occur!

I am sure of one thing: the family that sat around the campground fire pit will be remembered, not for the family growing closer or enjoying togetherness, but for the spark that got away.

Larry S. Lundy Manager, G.I.B.S. LLC




In response to the column by Marc A. Thiessen (Viewpoint, March 6) calling on all Catholics not to give a dime to the bishops’ Lenten appeal. Do you really want to put all bishops in this group you are condemning?

Like Thiessen, I, too, am very upset at the scandals that have plagued our church. Some of the things he has written about I totally agree with, but I stop short of putting every bishop in this category. To do so would be unjust and wrong.

True priests, pastors and bishops have all answered a calling to serve the Lord. The people that infiltrated our Christian churches are not here for that reason. Their purpose is to bring down Christianity and that will not end well for them. They need to confess what they have done, repent with true sorrow, and resign/go to jail.

At Saint Michael the Archangel Parish, we have really good shepherds who are sick at heart at the abuse scandal and openly condemn it. Along with our bishop, Daniel Thomas, they have spoken out against it, written letters about it, and even went on social media to condemn it. Also, may I point out, they do a lot of charitable acts for our northwest Ohio area with the funds Thiessen wants us to cut short. Many people benefit from this generosity.

Do you really want to crucify the innocent along with the bad? I know that the evildoers that have infiltrated our church will be judged and there will be justice. In the meantime, I will not be helping them with their attempt to bring down the church by putting blame on all the bishops.

Cheryl Blakely




If the Democrats gain control of all branches of government in the 2020 national elections, you can look to California as a microcosm of the future of the United States.

The March 11 edition of the San Diego Union Tribune announced that California now ranks No. 1 in poverty in the U.S. (https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/opinion/the-conversation/sd-california-poverty-rate-20180913-htmlstory.html).

Not only that, according to the LA Times newspaper, California’s unfunded state pension liabilities could reach $1.3 trillion, (https://www.latimes.com/politics/la-pol-sac-skelton-california-pension-liabilities-20180118-story.html).

Anyone in the rest of the country, except maybe the liberal East Coast, can see why Medicare for All is such a sweetheart deal. Medicare for All would eliminate the pension liabilities for health care of the bloated police, fire and teachers unions along with public employee unions in their states. Medicare for All paid by the federal government would tax the rest of the nation for the high cost of living for California.

Medicare for All means just that. If an illegal is in line ahead of you, you and your U.S. citizen child must wait your turn in the line.

The next time a liberal wants to do away with the Electoral College and go with majority rule, think of the gratitude California will have for you in the Midwest eliminating a huge portion of their self-imposed debt, while your taxes go up to give them a helping hand.

Craig Nichols