The Ohio Senate’s goal is supposed to reduce tax burdens. However, the gas tax is a regressive tax taking a higher percentage of incomes from low- and middle-income working classes.

On the other hand, the wealthy and big businesses will pay a smaller percentage, plus deduct travel expenses including fuel from their taxes.

The CEO for Marathon made $19.8 million last year. I’m guessing corporate CEOs don’t need to choose between buying gas for work or groceries for their family.

Progressive tax programs help Ohioans when these programs fairly tax the wealthiest 1 percent’s income. I never expect some lawmakers to do the right thing. With hundreds of corporate lobbyists swarming the state Legislature, it is expected legislators will give big tax cuts to wealthy businesses.

Because of corporate welfare, corporations are using Ohio’s firefighting, law enforcement, roads and infrastructure nearly cost-free at the expense of low- and middle-income taxpayers. The wealthy flourish by taking advantage of laws, government and public infrastructure. In a capitalist economy, lobbyists act as if legislators are things they can buy.

We’re experiencing a reverse Robin Hood effect. The rich robbing the poor. Last week’s news focused on wealthy families caught by the FBI buying access to prestigious universities through bribing test administrators, cheating on entrance exams or offering thousands to millions of dollars in donations to universities like Yale and Stanford. Americans realize the wealthy have purchased an entire political party.

It gets worse. Ohio’s governors’ and legislators’ huge tax cuts for the rich and big business gutted the Treasury. The Ohio tax code is the Bible of welfare for the wealthy and rich corporations. The proposed gas tax will make the gap of income inequality between the rich and poor working Ohioans even greater.

It’s sad to think politicians wanting a regressive gas tax increase are outsmarting voters. Infrastructure for the benefit of residents should be a progressive tax requiring fair contributions from everyone in the state based on what each taxpayer and corporation can afford.

Don Iliff




Our king’s tax program gives little gain to the poor, but substantial gain to the rich. His 2020 budget proposal cuts Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, etc.

Robin Hood took from the rich and gave to the poor. Our king takes from the poor and gives to the rich.

Our prayers will be answered.

William Steinman




Do you really think belief in the Bible hinders our ability to separate reality from Christianity?

Yes, we are a “nation governed by laws” — but we are also “people governed by God” — whether you or we believe it or not.

If I believe in God, and I’m wrong (and I’m not wrong), I have nothing to lose. But if you do not believe in God, and you are wrong — you have everything to lose.

Judging by a recent letter on this page a few days ago, I will probably be called unrealistic — to put it politely.

I call it faith!

Eileen Lyon