Thank you Mr. Ross (letter, March 6) and Ms. Quarrie (letter, March 4) for standing up for our town. Thank you Mr. Malone (letter, March 11) for pointing out what type of people that are graduating from our colleges.

I could not have said it better, but you left out the fact (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) did have some brains on how to steal $1 million.

Mr. Bower (letter, March 8), I’m sorry you have so much hate in you to try and take another person down.

If I am not mistaken, this is about we the people, not we the council.

The Courier’s View (Feb. 21) about council making up new meeting rules, questioned what would be next. Well, they already have done it, if they don’t want the truth to be told or people’s point of view. Sit down and shut up or the so-called police will escort you out.

Holly Frische has the needed experience and education to be mayor. She has always voted for the people since she’s been on council. She is the kind of person we need as mayor, one who is for the people and not for the so-called elite.

Marlene Rhodes